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  1. He cheated on you and damaged your trust. It takes years to get over that. He should also be the one doing the work to rebuild the trust he broke.

    Unfortunately once someone cheats in a relationship there's only a 15% chance of the relationships success.

    Him hanging out with any girl getting stoned doesn't help that at all.

    All this relationship will do is give you trust issues that will follow you no matter who you are with.

  2. It's a sort of darwinian psychological take on it. As if men are nothing more than animals that can't control themselves.

    That is entirely untrue, however it is true that men and women are typically wired a little differently around sex.

    An excuse for abandoning personal responsibility? No, that doesn't fly.

  3. Upset at both.. and can’t bring this up w family and friends. The that’s why we’ll try the therapy. It’s our last hope. I don’t like seeing him triggered throughout the last year. So if therapy doesn’t work I’ll have to let him go 🙁

  4. You're putting a lot of expectations on your bf to “resolve this conflict”, but perhaps there's no resolution? Some people are just lazy dickheads, sounds like your roommates are this kind of person, and if so, there's no reason to believe they can be talked around by anyone, so maybe quit expecting your bf to be responsible for not only your behaviour, but his friends' behaviour as well.

    It also sounds like they find you just as annoying as you find them, and you just gave them a heap of ammunition by the way you behaved at the party, so maybe have some empathy for the situation your bf finds himself in where he's stuck in the middle of your feud.

  5. This doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship. You two go through your phone? He sounds insecure, immature, and controlling.

    I know 3 years is a long time especially for someone who’s 23, but if you were my sister, I’d recommend you leave the relationship.

  6. There was a similar post to this many years ago where it turned out the OP had a bad reaction to bed bugs. OP, check your boyfriends bed for bed bugs

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