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  1. and mostly teenagers! they recommend dropping any friends who ever did anything slightly bad at the drop of a hat, like you can just sit somewhere else in class and join a different friend group, they don't know that it's much harder once you're out of the education system, that people settle. There's never any kind of seeking compromise, the slightest thing is a red flag and he will definitely end up killing you if you don't leave first.

  2. Any advice you are getting that isn't “break up with her you fucking moron” is wrong. Stop trying to find the answer you want. If you stay with her at this point you deserve the feeling of being cheated on.

  3. She’s also going for a swim with people who consent to seeing whatever they might see briefly while she’s getting in/out the pool and understand it isn’t meant to be sexual. There’s just no legit comparison.

  4. Thank you for replying, I don't think he would laugh at me , but it's definitely the fear of rejection. I just need to get over the fear and do it like you said but my head is my worst enemy in this situation.

  5. What are you talking about with reconciliation? She didn't cheat on him, she told him about screwing this did when they were split up 18 years ago. She's been lying by omission but you're making it sound like she admitted to something currently going on

  6. Is it two evil insane female “friends” damaging your marriage or just one? Why do you hang out with them ?

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