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  1. The women agreeing are the same ones who’d go off the deep end because their BF asked them not to wear or post revealing shit. 😂

    Relationships are partnerships, not dictatorships.

  2. I’m more worried about the fact that I just physically put my arm around his shoulder without even asking. I get super anxious nowadays about these things and I was tipsy enough to just do that without even asking. Like maybe I should have verbally expressed interest instead? Idk

  3. I don’t think I’m entitled to monetary compensation for this. It’s very sad and hurtful but getting money out of it seems very weird.

  4. This reads like a teenagers diary entry 🤦🏻‍♀️ You’re an adult, so is he . Have a candid, adult conversation. Make the boundaries clear- your fiends, he’s important to you but he’s not your bf; it’s inappropriate to share a room with another guy that isn’t your bf and the “jokes” about he and the bf need to stop. Be kind but firm.

  5. Bring it up when he talks about what he plans to teach you. He needs time to process. And if he breaks up because of this …. It’s ok

  6. Furthermore, he relies on you to manage his basic maintenance. If he won’t even take himself to therapy, why would he take care of his own clothes? It’s far easier to push you to take care of both.

  7. Thank you, I hope this is the case! I actually did take care of myself before we all hung out which is the scary part. And yet my body even still had such a strong reaction.

  8. Acts of service don’t cause someone to fall in love with you, in most cases. You could cater to his every whim forever, and it might make no difference 🙁

  9. did i say it's an excuse for cheating? nope. i said it's an excuse to just break up.

    i'm old and set in my ways. i'm sharing my opinion and you're not gonna change my mind, chill.

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