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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. So from your post history it looks like you're a complete doormat mate.

    I'd suggest you grow a spine and stand up for yourself, unless you have a humiliation fetish, then have at it I guess.

  2. Op, I have pcos as well you can use water based lubricant for the dryness. And btw Pcos can actually cause dryness for the vagina due to the hormone imbalance. There’s nothing wrong in using things that can accommodate us woman or men. Also I got pregnant naturally after losing weight and getting my hormones balanced so….never say never?

  3. I must say as a woman I am naturally biased in this case. But you seem to recall what you’ve done wrong pre wedding, you knew what she wanted vs what your parents wanted, you chose your parents over her, you didn’t listen to her when she had cold feet, AND on top of that she paid for most of it… I sympathize with you because being left at the altar is humiliating and it definitely breaks a level of trust.

    It also takes a great level of humility from her to say she wants to work things out, especially after having waited so long to act on her feelings of “cold feet”. I think in relationships the most important thing to understand is that neither side is right or wrong. You can’t look at it in black and white. Shit happens, there’s lots of problems (especially here) but if you think there’s ANYWAY you can fix this then get the answers to the questions you have, address the problems you have (humans are flawed, better to acknowledge it and go from there) and GO TO COUPLES COUNSELING.

    I’m a little bit stoned writing this but you guys are kinda fucked, she fucked up, you fucked up, your parents sound obnoxiously overbearing and care too much about image. But yeah that’s my advice, good luck.

  4. First of all, regardless if he's a trans or not, he doesn't have the right to get mad at you for not wanting to have sex. That's a red flag in itself. Your feeling of betrayal is valid. He shouldn't have lied to you if he really had good intentions. If he is going to reason out that you might not like nor “accept” him for how he is, it is quite manipulative. No one should force someone of their feelings. That in itself, takes your right to consent. If you're a straight woman who prefers straight men, I don't see anything wrong with that. It's not even homophobic nor discriminating.

  5. Hm what did she expect to happen? If she thinks her actions are fine and that only that guy was a problem then it's hopeless. I am not fun of going to clubs, however if one does it it should be done together with someone else so that they can rely on each other. I mean together with reliable person. Also she shouldn't accept and invites or anything else from strangers.

  6. Call it quits for the love of god!!!!

    You should have called it off 10 years ago, but you both have been stubborn and obsessed about this relationship, probably because either one of you know what love is.

    Give each other peace, please. Let each other go.

  7. On the other hand op said it herself that the pushiness is a necessity for them to do anything sexual at all.

    So I'm leaning a bit towards rape, but also maybe just him actually being a huge fucking moron.

  8. I wouldn't say I'm surrounded by nurses, I work down the street at an Engineering firm. But I do pick up my sister from the hospital as we carpool and go in to take her lunch from time to time. And afterward, I will stop and have a drink with her and some of her friends on the way home.

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