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  1. He's a 31 year old man that is mooching off of you. Let me say it again… He's 31 and he's mooching off of you. There's no excuse for him to sit on his butt and watch TV all the time. Does he read intellectual books? Or does he watch random stuff on TV that he thinks is intellectual? Sounds like he has low self-esteem if he's trying to be intellectual and not doing anything productive with his time. If he was working a 7 or 12 hour shift, then of course he's not gonna have time to watch something that'll “feed” his brain. And if he really enjoys stuff like that, there's always podcasts to listen to at work on lunch break. But what's really important is having some communication. You can be tactful if you like, but he needs to know you're the one working and you need an outlet to unwind. Also, do you seriously see this relationship staying like this? Can you imagine 10 or 15 years from now and he's still like this? It's something to think about.

  2. Yes this is also key. Physical violence is never ok or deserved but she herself put the baby at risk by deciding to bring the child anywhere near a man who had just struck her. Like, what the hell are you thinking, are you worried for your and the kid's safety or aren't you?

  3. Didn't read it all either, just skimmed. He cheated. He's then gaslighting and blame-shifting. Find someone better. Yes, it is that simple, at least conceptually.

  4. The only way to move on is to not talk to all of them. Who cares what your ex is saying she’s gone from your life. Whatever she says is proof you are better off without her. Block them all and give yourself time to let her fade from your memory.

  5. How about offering a ticket back home to his family?

    Also, he's a capable adult, i'd assume. He can deal with it. Have that break-up talk, disengage if he gets too riled up, revisit once he calmed down. Don't allow him to use his anger as a conversation stopper. It is perfectly fine to have a trusted friend sitting in to make sure he acts right and doensn't try to yell or guilt trip you. Stay calm and firm. The only thing that is up to discussion is HOW the separation happens, you would like it to be amicable and you are willing to help him out for a short while with X, Y and Z.

    If a productive talk is not posssible, then simply inform him of what is gonna happen. You neither need his permission nor his aporoval.

    I strongly recommend to have a plan in case he completely looses his shit. Better to have the plan and not need it than the other way around.

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