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  2. So, test it on your phone. Remove an app that doesn't have any important information on it from your home screen and then go searching through your app library for it.

  3. There’s an increased risk of getting hurt or some unhealthy dynamics but not always and you’re an adult and though young don’t inherently deserve for your relationship and by proxy yourself or your partner to be demeaned or discredited. You may want to post in r/agegap if your not getting the response you want here. Best of luck.

  4. I would not, unless we had previous plans that will interfere. Can you text before you call to ensure they’re not occupied or if they even wanna talk?

  5. This is the first boyfriend I’ve had that I’ve introduced her to! We’ve been friends for about two years, but we’ve both gotten really close in that time. Thank you for responding! I appreciate it 🙂

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