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  1. The real question is, why are you engaged if you're still in love with your ex? You should break up and let that person find a partner who truly wants them.

  2. It's totally about him getting married, the post is literally about should he invite his parents to his wedding.

    He is too young and stuck in his trauma to get married. He's stuck at 16.

  3. OP, you need to stop thinking illogically. It seems like you think you on-line in a world in which any choice you make will lead you to hell. That's literally not true, and that's literally not how breakups with children involved work. Stop it. You DO NOT know everything. Stop telling yourself that you know how this works. You don't, and everyone here is telling you that.

    If you break up, court ordered child support will be based on your income, which means they won't be taking your whole damn paycheck. If you don't get paid a lot, they aren't going to take a whole lot from you. The goal of the court isn't to drive you into the ground.

    If you want little to no custody, then you won't get sole custody lmfao. The mom who wants the kid will. Thats how it works. They can't FORCE you to keep the kid around you. That's NOT how it works. Plenty of times, especially when the parents weren't even married in the first place, the parent who doesn't want custody actually gets no custody at all.

    Your only obligation would be just paying child support BASED OFF OF YOUR INCOME. You are not trapped.

    I'm sorry, but it IS as simple as “just leave”. You're making it way more complicated by staying. Stop. Let her go find someone that wants to be with her, and you can be without her and the kid.

  4. I’m sorry parenting is nude and expensive but shockingly enough…. The hot and expensive parts are the bare minimum and quite literally a necessity. All you really did for her was feed her and give her a place to on-line, which if you didn’t you would be in jail, so did you really do anything for her? The way you’re completely taking credit for her amazing life is exactly why she wants you out of her life. So not only did you give her all this trauma, you’re taking credit for all of her success. I’m kind of in the same boat as Julia, except we were close until my half siblings came into the picture and I started getting different treatment. I moved out as soon as I could and tried to cut my mother off. 3 years later we’re kinda close and working on things, kinda. I’m 21 in a house with my boyfriend I love so much and all she does is tell me how proud she is for everything that I (ME NOT HER) have achieved. I know for a fact if she was trying to take credit for anything I worked for we would not be talking.

  5. Usually “the one” appears when you are not looking. Girl, it's only been 6 months. You need to work on yourself and future goals. School, your career, your hobbies. Distract yourself. It's ok to feel this way still, but you will find someone again. You're just not ready yet!

  6. Have you addressed what is making you unhappy with your wife? Is divorce the only option for you?

  7. The best thing is OP has come here, clearly outlined the hypocrisy and double standards her bf and his friends try to maintain, and are asking for advice.

    OP the only sound thing to do is move the hell on.

    /yes pun slightly intended

  8. Idk where you’ve read that she regularly rejects him for sex she clearly said she’s usually not unwilling but this time didn’t feel like it

  9. Sounds like your gf liked the attention. How many other guys she hangs out with want her but she doesn’t tell you.

  10. Did the snarky comments and eye rolls happen before she met her as well? Did things go worse after they finally met?

  11. first off, get an std test. multiple partners plus drugs and alcohol do not always end in the best choices. i dont know what drugs but an hiv test and hep c tests are separate from others like chlamydia and gonorrhea and they don't always have symptoms. secondly, my first relationship was like this. he cheated on me with strangers, friends, his step sister, on my birthday, while i was in the next room over, etc etc and he always had an excuse oor justification. he was drunk we arent technically together, you couldn't have sex for six weeks cause of the abortion i didn't help you through, physically or mentally or financially. i finally got it together and left him. started seeing someone else. was with him for three years. not two days after we broke up he texted me seeing if i wanted to hook up. he doesn't respect you. he doesn't take your feelings into account. he sure as hell doesn't love you. i know it hurts and its hard to see it but you are worth so much more than this. you are worthy of being loved by someone who isn't keeping you on the backburner cause he knows that he can. you deserve someone who comes home to only you, who will eat your cooking even if it sucks, who will bail on a raid in world of warcraft to hang out with you and whose only misdeed to you is maybe lying about not watching the next episode of a series you've been watching together. that guy IS out there and you deserve to have the opportunity to find him instead of sitting at home never quite sure if your bf is actually where he says he is doing what he says hes doing. you don't realize the level of stress you're constantly under until it's not there anymore, you can breathe deep and not sit hunched under the weight of the world on your shoulders, carrying the burden of someone else's sins

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