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Date: October 18, 2022

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  1. There’s nothing to “do” here. He went out to a holiday party (you were invited to that you chose not to attend), got embarrassingly drunk as non-big drinker might do while getting caught up in the moment, and got back home.

    While home, his drunken comments were about wanting you around and being embarrassed he was so drunk. There’s no problem here.

    Yeah, he’s going to be hungover and your errands might not happen. Are we going to make big deal out of this?

  2. Look dude, you are young so I won’t judge you for this! There are some big lessons here though for you.

    Women and men act very differently in the early stages of getting to know someone than they do when the relationship is comfortable and solidified. Don’t let the newness and excitement of a new situation fool you. That excitement feeling WILL subside. This new friend may be someone who is more expressive than your gf, but don’t assume that her acting like she wants you right now is something that will last forever. If you were with her, that behavior would fade over time.

    This new friend has shown you that she comes on strong to people she doesn’t even know and will pursue them even when they have a significant other. If you were with her (or someone like her) she is very much might become attracted to someone else and act on those feelings as she has shown that to her it doesn’t matter if someone is in a relationship. Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who does that?

    I understand that you are a touchy-feely person. The way you interact with other women is something you need to discuss with a potential girlfriend really early on in a relationship. Differences in how comfortable you and your SO are in what you are comfortable doing with other people is usually a deal-breaker in a relationship. You need to be with someone who is on the same page as you. You aren’t necessarily wrong for being touchy feely but your gf is also not wrong if she is uncomfortable with that. If your gf is uncomfortable with you being touchy with other women, saying “it’s just how I am” is not a good answer or excuse. If you stay with your gf, you guys need to decide together what your boundaries are.

    In the situation you described above, you disrespected both your friend and your gf. Being open to building a friendship with someone who has repeatedly flirted with you knowing that you have a gf is extremely disrespectful to your gf and she should have probably dumped you for doing that. It doesn’t matter if you are an affectionate person or not. You wronged your gf. You should have told this new person that you didn’t want anything to do with her after she continued to flirt with you. Entertaining a friendship with that girl also lead her on. You blame it on being a touchy person, but it doesn’t matter. You were touchy with a girl who was flirting with you and it lead her on and it disrespected your gf. I don’t believe for a second that you would be okay with your gf holding hands with and hugging a guy who repeatedly asks her out.

    Overall, you have been acting selfishly and immaturely (I know, you are young). Part of being an adult and of being in a relationship is doing the ‘right’ thing or doing what is respectful to your relationship even when you don’t want to. Of course you wanted to be flirty with this girl and soak up the attention she gave you. It wasn’t the right thing and you shouldn’t have done it.

  3. I think I shouldn’t have stopped being myself at the start of the relationship and shouldn’t have stopped watching it. I feel like I’ve set unrealistic expectations and purely out of determination to make it work I’ve carried on like it for 5 years and have come to a point where it was bothering me more and more.

    I get some people feel strongly about it and that’s why I made a point of speaking out and not going behind her back about shit.

  4. For some, cheating isn't something that they can get over… it may be once or a “mistake” but that's the risk cheating carries… he probably just mentally checked out after it happened… my advice is you move on and start over with someone else, maybe someone you won't cheat on.

  5. People who are nice to bad people are bad people. It's really that simple. Your boyfriend is a bad person. The excuse that no ones perfect applies to things like being late, or having a bad day. Not being friends with someone who sexually assaults women.

  6. make up your mind did you say the gate or not. and you know that wasn't the point of their comment so you are literally just being annoying. also the commenter might not even be from the US. please use your brain

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