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Date: September 21, 2022

11 thoughts on “juliettagibson

  1. She was 21 when she started having sex with you. She would have done it sooner if it was legal. Question – how long after you turned 16 did you guys have sex?

  2. Noooooooo. You’re 19. Please don’t be pressured into getting married. She has already told you that she doesn’t love or respect you by saying she will dump you for anyone else who is willing to marry her.

    Do not marry this girl. You have so much life and growing ahead of you!

  3. yeah for stds! I understand how it was over sharing but I tend to do that on twitter since no one really interacts with me anyway haha but wanna know what’s crazy? his sisters sided with me and we’re like “you guys weren’t together? she was in a bad place” but now he’s saying things like “it’ll take awhile for me to get over this” and “the timing……you did it in such a short time” so atp idk but thank you so much for the advice!

  4. Don't be a birthday diva.

    Since he didn't do anything (yet), if you want, you can propose he take you to a really nice restaurant to celebrate your birthday.

  5. This is a high possibility. Maybe if he was more mentally stable then I wouldn’t have to think the worst in him.

  6. From your comments are you sure you both are ready for this next step in your life? Marriage is a large commitment and if y’all are having issues before the alter it’s time to really talk things out with her

  7. There’s no way you’re not 15 and writing about a middle school relationship. No one is paying & layer and splitting assets/ potentially children over something this petty. Either this story is a fantasy or you left out every single detail.

  8. You seem to be waiting for something worse to happen so you can justify leaving. You can leave now. If you're looking for permission, here it is. You're allowed to leave whenever you want. He doesn't need to cross some uncrossable line. You can leave just because you're unhappy. Hysterical crying isn't a sign of a good relationship. Most relationships don't make people this sad.

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