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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Yeah thank you. I'm so loyal in a relationship I won't even text a dude friend while in a relationship yet my anxiety and PTSD from being cheated on the whole time during a 4 year relationship has definitely caused me to be paranoid and sometimes. Just sometimes I get overly paranoid and check someone's phone. That's why I don't ask for passwords anymore. Bc I know I'll look

  2. That is a very fair point. I guess I just kinda needed the internet to tell me I wasn’t crazy because he still is really good at manipulating me. I really do feel so much closer to being able to completely move on and not have an emotional reaction to him, but I think I just needed a little encouragement to keep pushing myself to shake him off. Thanks for your honesty, you are right and I’m getting there!

  3. I’m actually with you on this one, I was all set to blast you over your insecurity and tell you that you are being controlling but that dress.. the way you are describing it sounds extreme for someone in a relationship. Perhaps you can compromise and ask if she would be willing to use it as a swimsuit coverup?

  4. As a woman in STEM who used to date a guy like yours, girl…. You're in denial. He straight up said women are less intelligent than men. It doesn't get more direct than that. Also, saying that “every woman… BUT you” isn't the supportive compliment you think it is.

    And of course he hasn't shown any indicating red flags… so far. Its only been a few months! You probably have condiments in your fridge older than your relationship. But now he has shown you a glimpse into his mindset, and it is not good. Imagine the stuffs he will say once you're deeper in. A couple more months. Years. When you have your daughter. Etc.

    Anyhow, if you have to post on Reddit about this, you seem to have already had some feelers about your future with this guy. Trust your guts. Don't try to minimize what was said, don't try to overlook it as inconsequential, and don't make excuses for why he has the mindset he does.

    Good luck.

  5. Agreed. I have a friend who's almost 5'9″ and her sister is 5'1. I've seen NBA players whose parents are short. Perhaps coloring and facial features are a bit more likely to make someone wonder, but most people I know don't look all that much like their parents. Maybe he has always had doubts about his ex. Maybe he cheated on her and thought she was cheating, too. That might be where some of his doubts originated.

  6. Iq wonder if the mothers,are helping as much as he thinks. Older generations don't always get mental health problems, they may not be helping as much as he thinks because they believe she should just suck it up because that just what motherhood is.

  7. This is sexual assault. You cannot even consent when you're asleep. Love bombing is manipulative as well.

  8. Because you already know you want to be more than friends so you might as well tell her about your religious views now.

  9. What I'd ask is does the fiance always dismiss ops feelings, talk as if her family is their only real family, tell him his dad doesn't care? She just sounds jealous that his parents are going to cost more to have there than hers. So what!

    . It sounds like whilst her parents will have a room, she doesn't like the idea of his parents having a suite.

    Op. Sit and tell her what's happening. You are paying for your parents because they could not afford it otherwise, if she needs to help out hher parents in the same way, she should do it. If you are paying for over half the wedding, you are putting in your fair share.

  10. I do want to, yes. And no, I haven’t asked. I’m out of town for 4 days… I considered asking him if he wanted to come over and let me make dinner once I got home. And then absolutely jumping his bones for dessert…

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