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Date: September 30, 2022

12 thoughts on “Katt Leya live! sex chats for YOU!

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  2. A bigot towards people who share her own traits. Literally all it should take to fix that is a bit of therapy and some honest reflection. The hivemind on here that assumes people are unable to change how they feel about things and how they see things is honestly a fucking joke and not at all reflective of the capacity for personal development that so many of us have

  3. Yeah. I would not approve either. Are you always in this subreddit? If yes then you’ve already read TONS of women asking advice regarding their husband/bf being manipulative, selfish, entitled, controlling and some (a lot depends on what you read) of them have huge age gaps. I’m sure those women also said the same things like him being respectful, responsible, kind because otherwise, how the hell would they end up with them and have lots of babies? I bet those women also said they’re not being groomed. Only realized it after how many years.

    I must agree with people saying here that no adult men would date someone who just came out from college, or a couple of years ago is still a “kid”. They don’t date women their age because something is probably off.

  4. First of all, you didn't consent to cum in your mouth and it sounds like your bf and exes have ignored that. You don't have to do things that you don't like. If you force yourself to do it you will traumatise yourself, believe me I've done it. I'd probably look up red flags to see if your bf has any. I can't tell from your post but he has kind of love bombed you a bit after doing something shitty, so there could be more to it

  5. I think OK_construction has the answer, you guys are way too comfortable, you need to break the routine, and you also need to either do your fucking outside for total freedom and try different kinks, I recommend bdsm but that's a preference.

    If it's outside pick some isolated areas with nice views at night, or have an awkward conversation with his mother for more privacy. If there are rooms on opposite sides of the house use those.

  6. OP, you need to slowly start separating your finances. Talk to an attorney to get some advice. I wouldn't wait for her to cheat, she is already cheating emotionally. If you can see what she is texting and things just copy everything so you have that information incase she tries to tell you your wrong.

    Once you know you plan and start doing it then confront her and tell her its over. Unless you can forgive the past, then good luck on that one.

  7. She held a grudge for 15 years against a teenager whose home she actively helped to break up. F!ck Sarah, she’s scum. How could you ever trust her??

    If your dad refuses to come around because you don’t want this hoebag in your life, that’s on him.

  8. My grandma used to say keep your job because there could be a death or divorce. He could get hit by a car and you’d have no job and no savings

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