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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. You have the right to be upset. You don’t write off his feelings he shouldn’t try to invalidate yours. Who’s in the worse situation shouldn’t be a competition. You should just support each other. Have you talked to your doctor about your thyroid? I know with PCOS sometimes thyroid issues can pop up causing weight gain.

  2. Okay. So he might have been scared or overwhelmed. Cats get overstimulated sometimes, too, without the human realizing it until it’s a done thing. So unless your partner shows continued harassment it’s safe to let this one go.

  3. You're exploring someone, but that's not dating, while you have sex with your ex, and the person you're exploring – and are close enough to to go on a trip with, is also exploring other people?

    Is “exploring” your way of saying that you're all getting to know people to decide if you like them enough to date?

    And you're worried about the note? You're making it sound like you're all running the very high risk of catching something you can't wash off with soap.

    Talk to your ex. Sort out your relationship. They left the note there so you'd think about them, and they'd throw you off, while you were with someone else.

  4. Honesty is the best thing in a relationship. Yes it’s sketchy that you were combing through his phone, but it’s done. Don’t hide that fact. Own up to it, and say that at the same time you are hurt that he was messaging other women while in a relationship with you. Then go from there depending on how things unfold. But hiding this is going to become a problem over time.

  5. Nope. Nope. Nope. Get out. Of course he wasn’t gonna tell you! You most likely wouldn’t have stayed with him if he had. He knew what he was doing when he abused his ex, he knew what he was doing when lying by omission.

    Remember, they’re never abusive at start the relationships. It’s a gradual process of testing limits, isolating you, breaking down your self esteem. Leave this guy.

  6. These are questions that have to be talked about beforehand. How would you feel if this or that? Would you think it's naked or would it bother you if x and I do this or that?

  7. Mental issues and a grooming dude over 30 are like the bread and butter of stupid ideas on reddit.

    Just don't.

  8. OP has gotten cheap thrills from making out with this same friend, who you are calling a snake, multiple times. Read her whole post.

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