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  1. You shine up your spine, remember that you have self worth and are worth someone who doesn’t talk to you like your only value is your virginity.

    Then you leave him. Tell him that you’re disgusted he has two partners before you and he wasted his value before he met you. You can’t get over this drawback of dating him.

    Block him and remember that the minute someone treats you like this again you leave straight away.

  2. I don't think it's fair to hold a decision he made 12 years ago, when he was almost assuredly a completely different person, against him emotionally now.

    If he doesn't want a kid right now he doesn't want a kid right now, it will always be his decision. It feels a little bit like you are conflating his desire for a child with his love and commitment to you, which also is not fair. His not wanting this child might have absolutely nothing to do with you, so I don't think you should be taking it personally, especially not without talking to him and laying everything out there. Granted that much easier said then done, especially when there are powerful emotions present.

    Having a child should never ever ever be an only emotional decision, that's not good for you, him, or the potential baby.

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  4. Yeah nothing wrong with that. I was under the impression he worked 5 days.

    Turns out it's 2. Yeah this guy has time to work more or to find another/second job he likes more. He even has time to go to school as well.

  5. I think it's time you insist. You shouldn't fight off resentment, it's long past time for him to tell them. If he refuses, you should consider moving on. You should strongly consider doing that anyway because of his shadiness.

  6. According to that Redditor, discussing situations is “pandering” to the other party. Sounds like they lack some emotional maturity themselves, honestly.

    And most people commenting seem to miss where OP said they'd been drinking. Alcohol is going to lower inhibitions, and probably enhance any insecurities she may have.

  7. It got my anxious ass insane, tbh. But they had been really consistent and good at reassuring me all this time so I really don’t want ending things to be an option. 🙁

  8. You don’t need to do that……you do what’s right for you, not what ‘everyone’ is telling you to do.

    Let go and be at peace with the process that is about to happen. I’m sorry this is happening to you.

  9. He has told me before about what happened to him and who it was. I just didn't know the FM was going to be there or that we would be going to the house it happened in.

  10. There’s nothing info in your post for us to validate you in that specific way about his exes, but break up with him if you want. It’s your choice and you haven’t described him in any positive way.

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