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Date: September 25, 2022

10 thoughts on “Kendallrisex live webcams for YOU!

  1. as I mentioned, we have been talking very often and keeping in touch, they ask me what I’ve been upto and been super sweet when I was going through something I needed advices with

    Maybe they have a new partner, but I’m quiet not sure, they haven’t blocked their other exes, so why me?

  2. Thank you so much for the answer, it really did give me a different perspective about the whole thing. I want them to break up but not like this. They love each other as far as i know and i know her boyfriend, I'm not that cold blooded lol. And if i do it and they stay together anyway it will most likely be really awkward, like you said. So thanks again 🙂 💔

  3. Spark from the burning incest might ignite the methane coming out of her arse and blow up the entire premises ….

  4. You need to attend therapy immediately if you think in any way shape or form that that relationship is “okay” just because he hasn’t hit you or cheated on you. Neither of those need to happen for you to be in a hellish, abusive relationship (which you are).

    I’ll repeat this again and again until everyone who needs to hear it sees it- if a man who is much older than you goes for you, it’s because he’s been rejected by women his own age for being an asshole or immature as fuck. It does NOT mean he’s mature or alluring, in fact- it means he’s unacceptable to women within his own age range, and is only with a younger woman because they are easier to manipulate in his eyes.

  5. If it was just a stupid suggestion, then why did he have all his reasons and arguments thought out? His 'research' done to convince you? He's obviously been thinking about it for some time and now he's trying to shield himself from the consequences.

    Anyway, sounds like therapy would be a good idea, as you'll never trust him unless he shows you the work he's willing to do to regain your trust. At the very least, you'll have the whole picture when it comes to deciding whether you want to stay or go. Good luck, OP!

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