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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. Haha don’t overthink this one.

    I do it with partners because it’s playful. As much as I want to tear their clothes off, I also want to be her friend.

    It’s a good sign.

  2. I think your partner is wonderful in handling your paranoia, and you were smart to just communi your thoughts rationally but you should definitely seek professional help if possible. Paranoia like this usually leads to the relationship breaking

  3. You don’t get a say, really. You can express your opinion and he’ll even tell him if he does this then you need to re-evaluate. But you don’t set the guest list for his family’s dinner.

  4. Glad the info was useful, turning things around on you is called defensiveness. Might be useful to read up on it so you know to recognize that in the future as a red flag. Also for you, if he didn’t call you cunt, then you also have things you need to fix. It’s nude to solve problems when youre sloppy with what you say, like how here you implied he called you c**t, but now you say he didn’t. What you say matters, so be accurate or else you’ll cause fights or make them worse by doing that.

  5. So you sabotaged the guys rep and you don't care if you were wrong or not? Talk to the guy to see how you can make amends and do what he asks. You owe him.

  6. I am sure while her friends were getting their guts rearranged, she used the time to catch up on Bible studies and stuff.

    No need for concern.

  7. You need a lawyer. Don’t just lay down and waive your rights without knowing what you’re giving up. I’m sure you made decisions based on your shared plans for the future as a couple. If you’re worse off financially because your plans contemplated use or reliance on her wealth, etc., you may legitimately need and be entitled to some kind of temporary support. She fucked things up. Don’t let your pride get in the way and prevent you from landing on your feet. I’m sorry things worked out this way.

  8. Does your wife regularly take sexy selfies just to keep in her phone or for herself without sharing with you?

    Why would he fix her phone and not you?

    And why is she so cool with just forgetting it because him stealing sexy photos of her should be more of an issue, breach of trust and all and the implication that it's for his personal spank bank?

  9. We were supposed to be exclusive, we had agreed to be, so that’s why the lie hurts so much I suppose

  10. It took you 10 months to make things official and she was the one who had to initiate it. Her sleeping with someone else during that period is a complete non-issue; you didn't even know what you wanted so why should she have been exclusively devoted to you?

    Let it go.

  11. I found literally hundreds of pictures and videos of me saved to my boyfriend’s laptop spanning back several years but we’ve only been dating 3 weeks

    It astounds me you don't know what to do after posting your own TL;DR.

  12. Multiple thoughts

    If trust is gone, the relationship is over.

    But you can ask your spouse to cut contact. If they care they will. Some people do learn from their mistakes. But you know your spouse.

    Spouses can ask each other anything. Your spouse could ask about Non-Monogamy. If that were to happen, it should still never include the guy from this post because he operated outside of your relationships trust. But either of you can ask, either of you have the right to say no.

    Looking at your comment history, I think if you're staying together individual and couples counseling. Your individual counselor should not be your couples counselor.

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