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Date: September 28, 2022

3 thoughts on “Kennasavage live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Well based on your comments see if she can’t get into therapy of some sort, even teletherapy on-line through zoom or something. Because at the end of the day her clingy-ness and essentially guilt tripping you for doing things without her will kill the relationship more than anything else.

    You’re not married, you didn’t commit to forever with her and while I commend you for sticking it through this long. If she can’t fix her behavior then there is no need for you to light yourself on fire to keep her warm.

  2. I saw that she’s the cofounder. Tell her and keep evidence of telling her in case she needs screen shots for work. If you want to let him know AFTER you told her, that would be hilarious.

    “Hey honey, look at this text I sent your wife!”

    Ok, that’s pretty evil, you don’t have to do that, but definitely tell the wife. I would want to know if my husband is a cheating asshole.

  3. This is pretty standard. Dude coerced wife into an open relationship, she does it. She has a blast because dick is plentiful and she could walk down any side walk in a gunny sack and have someone interested. Meanwhile, dude is struggle bussing because most women are going to assume he’s cheating and is a douche and are looking for an actual relationship.

    Different dynamics.

    Sure you could ask to close it up but if you do? Book with a sex positive therapist since you were not happy before and sounds lien she wasn’t either.

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