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Date: September 20, 2022
Actors: Kaylee---

20 thoughts on “kennasavage

  1. I hate that this is how we might spend our first Christmas. makes me think we might as well break up if this is how things are gonna go!

  2. She's 33 whole years old? This would be appalling from a 23-year-old.

    Let's piece this together: She's been a cheater in the past. She's admitted to enjoying attention from other men. And she's going out of her way to connect with men she finds attractive. (Nothing wrong with talking about hot guys. That's harmless girl-talk. But connecting is crossing the line.)

    Dude, leave. If she hasn't cheated on you already, she will imminently.

  3. Becuase I am a reddit stranger, not your best friend who is going to sit with you as you cry at your kitchen table rubbing your back and pretending like I didn't know you moving into brand new Tinder Boys house wasn't completely idiotic. I know some of us women aren't used to being told we fucked up or that something is our fault, but this is in fact your fault, and it's your fault for sticking around for a year. You had better get it togetherin life. You don't always have to make the best decisions, but it's actually realllllly easy not to make terrible decisions.

  4. I know you are trying to cut cost….but maybe make an appointment with a financial advisor. They might be able to show you both ways to cut back, and she might actually listen them.

  5. PDA is a broad term. It can be as slight as a peck on the cheek, a hug, or hand-holding, which I think are all okay. But that's not what OP was describing here.

  6. I know what you meant man, I’m awkward like that too and suck at social queues. People just like to be holier then thou when commenting. Honestly man if I were you just give it time and then sit her down and actually talk to her. Obviously your heart was in the right place but that was not the way to go about it. Sit down with her eventually and talk to her about the joke and the sex part because obviously it’s an issue if you were to bring it up. Communication is key. Your not the first person to say some stupid shit and you won’t be the last.

  7. He is not someone who should be fathering a child. He is pressuring you with guilt trips and not caring about your concerns.

  8. Dude. Do not let this be your first relationship. There is too much drama, and that is a terrible precedent to be setting yourself.

  9. I just wish he forgave me for asking him to do that or talked to me about it. I know why he did what he did. He told me that I didn’t understand him and why he wouldn’t lie and that our values are different.

  10. It's actually the opposite. She is wet as a waterfall. And I would appreciate it if you stopped being rude and insulting. It doesn't help. I am asking here because I'm looking for help. It isn't like one day I just woke up and it wasn't good anymore. I have been trying to make it “feel good” for 6 years…

  11. Here is a hypothesis that may have occurred, she has been meeting with someone else for the last 3 months, that person is also in a relationship and she thought if she broke up with you they would be together…she breaks up with you tells them that and they tell her they aren’t breaking up with their significant other to be with realizing she doesn’t have a partner anymore she comes crawling back to you

  12. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but does a selfie really that nude and uncomfortable to produce if you truly love someone? I know I’m being needy and I’m behaving like a child right now, but honestly it’s a hot pill swallow.

  13. Okay first thing and the least important thing here: you do not need to look at his texts. If you do that means that you do not trust him (because clearly he lied) which is an even bigger problem. Second thing: his friend should have no input or impact on your relationship. Let him be misogynistic all he wants, as long as he doesn't direct it towards you and to your face (that's clear disrespect) Third: you absolutely did the right thing. A jerk driver isn't worth an accident or even getting worked up over. Idiots take enough of our energy already. Last and most important thing: what bothers me the most is YOUR bf actually going on about women being bad drivers. His friend can be as misogynistic as he wants, but you should be able to choose a BF that respects you and has the same values. Also shutting off and not talking because you're angry is not the way to handle a relationship at all. It's all about communication!

    So yeah, I think you need to have a serious talk with your bf about him lying so easily to you, about him disrespecting you to his friend, about his lack of communication and his (I think) misogyny. And if you hear anything you do jot like during that talk, just walk away. You are young and seem pretty reasonable. There are plenty of young and reasonable mates out there for you who will respect you and communicate.

    Best of luck 🙂

  14. I got your response to my most recent comment but reddit is doing the weird disappearing comments thing again so I can't respond directly to it.

    Ah, I can see why you interpreted my initial comment the way you did. Yes, I was not advocating for an investigation or a report, but rather a conversation about the TA's response within the scope of her role in a situation that makes her uncomfortable.

    Apologies for not writing my initial comment very clearly. I can see why you read it the way you did. 🙂

  15. It's typical abusive behaviour.

    He has to act good infront of people he cares about, he doesn't care about your friends so doesn't need to. But if he manages to make your friends feel uncomfortable around you, they'll stop inviting you to places which means you'll have a smaller support network. It's an important part of abuse, you don't make your partner feel abused until you've isolated them.

  16. yeah I'm surprised (although not entirely) that people are saying she must have ADD or something wrong with her? I send people stupid videos all the time, I would NEVER text them and ask if they've watched or listened to something. Also texting her to watch a story he posted about missing her is really weird behaviour. She's probably not responding to these things because she doesn't like it and doesn't have anything to say about it.

    like they talk all the time the whole day but he feels unimportant because she didn't reply “lol” to some dumb video he sent lol. I couldn't.

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