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  1. Oh man…my wife has the best nose I've ever seen in my life. It's the hookiest-witch nose kind….but it drives me wild every time I see it. She once mentioned that she hated her nose…and from then on, whenever I see her walk past (and I see it in all its glory), I stop her to tell her that she has the best and most beautiful nose I've ever seen.

    She's also said several times that she wants a boob job, and each time, I tell her that it's 100% her choice, but I think what she has is already perfect. Eventually when I asked about it, she said something along the lines of, “Well, you like them so that's all that matters.”

    I also asked her if I should get a penis extension, as I'm less than average length…of course, she said she loves it and wouldn't want me to change a thing. I guess that's how you know your spouse loves you.

  2. So, she's never had mildly inappropriate conversations with her exes? Eh?

    Methinks she does protest too much. I smell some funny business going on from your wife's end. There's a maturity gap here.

    Tell your wife you need her to stop whining and harping about your ex and to set boundaries with her own contact circle, herself, instead. Obviously, your wife has people she's in contact with whom she knows aren't trustworthy. That's why she feels insecure here. You trust your ex not to cause drama and not to try to start shit. Can your wife says the dame about her own friends? Either your wife takes your word on this or she doesn't.

  3. Lawyer up. Get a GOOD ONE.

    There's a possibility he'll try to go for spousal support or alimony (since you earn more than him and you guys have been married for at least a decade) PLUS, there's an issue of custody. He'll probably try to be the custodial parent so you'll be paying him CS, since he earns less than you.

    Good luck, OP.

    Also, um, I would get tested for STI too if I were you. I doubt that he just started looking for FWB. I think he's been cheating on you and he just got caught. He tried to defend himself but it's total utter BS.

  4. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    Throwaway account for reasons. This post cannot be used without prior consent from the OP.

    TL;DR: My (29m) close friend and love interest (28f) had an affair with her boss (50m), and is now angry with my reaction to everything.

    I’m going to preface this by saying that we were not in a romantic relationship at any point in our friendship. A bit of backstory – we became friends around 8 years ago, when we started working together, and were casual friends for around 3 years. Around 5 years ago, she left the job, because of reasons, and her boyfriend at the time broke up with her. She confided in me about her situation and feelings, and since then, we had been growing closer.

    Around 2 years ago, she had gotten Covid, and has been ill ever since, At the time, she had been dating someone else, who ghosted her, and that took toll a severe toll on her mental health, which led to additional physical health problems. Once again, she had confided to me about all her issues, and I helped her to get through the breakup and did some other inconsequential things for her, like sending her her favorite sweets/chocolates when she was having bad days, etc.

    A few months after the breakup, I realized that I had started developing more romantic feelings for her, and confessed to her about it. We had discussed it, and, as she had just come out of a messy breakup, she said that she was not ready to date again, so we agreed to remain friends and see where it may lead in the future. Unfortunately, I still held out hope for us to be more than “just friends”, and continued doting on, and spoiling her whenever I got the chance (i.e., randomly sending her flowers, buying things for her that she needed but could not necessarily afford, etc.). She did say a few times that she doesn’t like that I do/buy all this stuff for her, but she doesn’t do/buy anything for me, which I stated that I don’t mind as I don’t like when people feel obligated to do or buy things for me. During this whole time, we still continued to chat daily, and talk over the phone almost weekly (we lived in different cities, so visiting her was a once in a while thing).

    This past Thursday, at around 1 am, she messaged me saying that she did something terrible, and now is not sure how to deal with the consequences, as it will mess up everything around her. At the time, she did not want to say what happened, but I could tell that she wanted to talk about it, so I continued to try and calm her down. At around 2am, she calls me and tells me that she has to tell me what happened, regardless of any promise she made to anyone else, as it is killing her inside.

    She then goes on to tell me the worst news I’ve ever received – that she’s been sleeping with her (50m) boss. She then goes on to tell me that this has been going on since mid-December, and now, she made the mistake of sending a picture of them together at a restaurant to his phone in the middle of the night, and his wife saw it and has been calling and swearing her. She goes on to say that just before 2 am, he sent her a voice note calling her a bitch for breaking up his marriage and that he doesn’t want anything to do with her going forward, which is when she decided to call and tell me everything.

    The second she mentioned his name, my entire world shattered, and I was just numb. I talked her through it for another 3 hours, until I had to leave for work, and continued to check up on her throughout the day. Throughout the day, however, everything started getting to me, and in the evening, I had decided that enough was enough and that I needed to talk to her. I called her around 8pm, and basically told her off for the fact that she basically used me as an emotional punching bag.

    I had asked her several times, why, throughout the 3 months that she was with him, and however long before that when she realized that she had feeling for him, did she not once think to tell me about it, so that I could remove myself from the situation. All she could say was that she did not once think about telling me, or how it would affect me when I eventually found out. I then accused her of not caring about me and lying to me, and basically forced more information out from her.

    She eventually admitted that she had actually slept with him for the first time at the beginning of December (and my overthinking and analyzing leads me to believe that it was on my birthday). She did not tell anyone as he is married and has a son (25m) who’s almost her age, and that he made her promise that she would keep it a secret until he leaves his wife.

    I then warned her that, if he could do this and ask her to hide it, he probably definitely did it before, as his wife did accuse him of cheating before. She still continued to defend him and say that he is this genuine caring man who she’s in love with, and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do or how she’s going to continue living without him. We ended the call as friends, with me saying I would need more time to process everything and her accepting that.

    On Friday afternoon, I messaged her saying that I have a question, but she did not want to answer any questions. I then went on to basically lash out again and state that she does not, and did not care about me enough to even give me a warning that she had feeling for someone else, or let me down slowly in some way. I told her that she completely broke me, and that because of this, I can not trust or believe anything, or look at anything the same ever again. She then lashed out at me saying that it was one secret that she kept from me, and what she does in her personal on-line she doesn’t have to tell me, and she didn’t tell me because she herself didn’t know what was happening.

    I was still angry and gave her the option to message me if she wanted to continue being friends, with the knowledge that I won’t be able to trust anything she says again. She messaged me the next morning (Saturday), but because I was having other issues at home, I basically was blunt with her. On Sunday she posted several pictures to the essence of not wanting anyone to do anything for her if they’re going to throw it back in her face, and I messaged her to ask if it was about me (I did mention on Thursday evening when we spoke that I regret doing everything I did from December because her boss is probably laughing at me, which she said was not the case and that he was jealous of me).

    She did confirm that it was about me, which I then went on to remind her that I never once asked for anything in return, and that the only reason I brought it up was because I felt like I was being made a fool of. We began arguing again, and I basically told her (again) to decide if she wants to keep me as a friend or break up our friendship completely. She did not message me on Monday, however, she did post a story on Instagram where she was at a coffee place, and on the table was 2 cups.

    I replied to that story on Tuesday and accused her of lying to me again and still continuing the affair, even with everything that happened. She then called me and swore me for accusing her, stating that her parents took her out because they could see she was depressed (which I feel is lies because she hasn’t spoken to her father in almost 6 months, and she doesn’t like her mother – basically, she’s living in a toxic household). She then goes on to tell me that I’m always reading too much into everything and that I have no right to question where she is/was or who she’s with, and that I have no right to react as I am because we were not, and did not ever date. She then went on to tell me that, because of my reaction, she will never tell me anything anymore, if we do remain friends, and basically told me that I’m the reason our friendship is broken now.

    I really don’t want to lose her as a friend, but at the same time, I don’t think I can forgive or forget what she did.

    I want to know, am I the bad guy for reacting the way I did (essentially, in her words, acting as if I was her boyfriend and she cheated on me), or overacting? Should I try and rebuild this friendship? And if we can’t, how do I move on from someone I’ve loved for so long?

  5. Choose school. I chose “love” at 18/19 and gave up truly focusing on my school and career, and completely fucked myself over for someone who was 100% not worth it. Not saying he’s not worth it, but if it’s really meant to be, the relationship will survive your medical school.

  6. Cause from what I read in the post. Andrew has not directly said anything to you right? His mom was the one who told you about his feelings. I feel like if you would meet to discuss where it went wrong. Like whats up?? Why did he not communicate with you?

    Also honestly to me it seems weird that he barely talks to you. The person who is funding his tuition.

    If you don’t think there is any reason to meet him. Then that is fine as well. You do you! At the end I strongly recommend not giving anyone any money. They all seem extremely ungrateful.

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