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Date: February 8, 2023

16 thoughts on “Kiravasquezsg on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Thank you, that's an important point to think about. The house I bought is a 3 bdrm 1200 sq ft house, and he's already mentioned wanting to sell it to upgrade to something much nicer when it's not his and we wouldn't be able to afford it. So I know that once we do move in together he's not going to want to budget and online within our means the way I'm accustomed to. I like my house and worked very nude to renovate it on my own, I wouldn't add debt to sell and upgrade.

  2. Just tell her you like her as a person, that you do find her attractive, but you’re not feeling that spark.

  3. You’re willing to own up to what you did and make things right??? The first step to that is admitting you suck. Where were your thoughts and feelings for your GF when you were screwing the side chick? You suck.

    You think it was a mistake??? You suck.

    You cheated. You suck.

    You Are garbage and your GF deserves better. If you have any respect for her (which we know you don’t) apologize, tell her the truth and on-line by her decision.

  4. I could never do this with my ex, towards my current partner. Keeping someone around that you had very vulnerable and intimate moments with is so disrespectful. I loved my ex dearly, but he also dated someone else after me, told her we were just friends and I had no idea how serious they were and him and I were still hooking up and still very much in love. But he did not have the decency to tell her until after the fact. What you’re boyfriend is doing to you sounds very familiar to what my ex did to that poor girl he had been dating. I’m afraid you’re the other woman in this scenario. As much as I absolutely hate to break it to you. Unless he absolutely does not decide to see her, he’s outright disrespecting you because you already said how you felt about it. Don’t ever ask a person twice. If he’s so tied up in property with her and “stuck” with her, is that something you really want to be stressing about 24/7? Girl, we’re 30, come on. We don’t have time for this. Get some self-respect and leave. (I say that with love) I know it’s going to be nude because the blinders are on, and you have all of these feelings but you’re better off finding a guy who listens to you the first time around. The fact he didn’t even want to hurt her after he’s moved on with his own life? Eww. Red flags all over the place. Leave before you get your heart broken.

  5. If you are in a state that it is not legal post on r/twochromosomes that you need to go on a vacation to say Washington or somewhere it is legal and need somewhere to stay. Make sure you don’t post anything more about it and clear your searches (they have been known to track women). I hope you are in a safe state and I wish you all the best

  6. Your friend is a psychopath who is borderline breaking thru sanity and ending up in some kind of mentally disturbed state.

    To do all of that and then cry about if afterwards?!?

    Your friend needs a shrink and you need to tell his parents (If they give a shit) that you are worried about him.

    You don’t have to say what he did , but tell them he is acting odd.

    This is straight up weird shit that is in movies.

  7. NGL this sounds like serial killer esque vibes. Just in the fact of how creepy it is.

    I'll marry you. Under one condition. You NEVER look into the basement. The basement is mine. Total and complete control. If you say no to this request. It is over. You have 5 seconds to decide.


    You have failed.. gets up and leaves

  8. So he realized he lost his girlfriend that is basically a mother because he can't be an adult and you figure these things out for him. That's why he's trying to get back with you because he doesn't wanna have to do anything on his own and figure things out.. no he hasn't changed. There's a reason why he doesn't have a Lotta good people in his life. He is quite literally a trash person.

  9. Your bf should declare you are his gf – if after 6 months he still doesn't so it then he doesn't actually love you. MAN IN LOVE will want to declare his gf to the world to show the love & for other man back-off. He is playing you out. He already lied & cheated on you with her.

    In your next relationship you should also be gutsy to tell any other women to back-off / hands-off your bf – stake your claims & insist on being declared as the gf. If you can't issue any “ultimatum” then you are not ready to be in a relationship as you are too kind.

    If its me I will go & get myself a new boyfriend who will LOVE to tell the world that I am his & no women like “MIA” around.

  10. Tell him to donate it instead of throwing it, a lot of people would appreciate it rather than seeing this go to waste. This is so wrong.

  11. Stop having intercourse with her and talk to a lawyer. You deserve a partner. Life is so much better when you have a partner to count on and you deserve to know someone wants to make life easier for you and wants you to be happy and well.

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