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Date: September 21, 2022

12 thoughts on “KirstenDanston

  1. You've been groomed.

    Expect her to reach out in a few weeks claiming she's pregnant. Demand a paternity test and don't take her back in the meantime.

  2. Maybe he bought himself an expensive pair of sunglasses and didn't want to justify/ explain/ or acknowledge the purchase.

  3. he doesn’t like when I talk back, and it’s a reason for him to break up with me

    It's a reason to break up with him. He's trying to control you by suggesting that having an opinion isn't ladylike? Ffs, I don't even get on my kids for “talking back”. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

  4. Stories like these make me sceptical because I've heard some weird stories where some people imagine that they have a relationship with a celebrity or that they are being catfished and don't want to accept the reality.

    Your post also comes off more as a brag than as actually needing help.

  5. Completely unfair comparison to make.

    Your current partner has an entirely new love to offer, but you're allowing your previous relationship to define your current one.

    Until you remove everything that makes you think about your ex, you will be viewing your GF with a clouded vision, unable to see its full potential.

    To strengthen the argument, you were with your ex for 6 years. And have only been with your current for 6 months.

    6 years of getting to know someone vs 6 months.

    Of course you're going to have a deeper connection with someone who you spent 6 years with.

    Do you think your 6 year relationship at 6 months in was this tremendous thing? No, it wasn't. It only became that because it gave it the time to develop.

    6 months with your current Gf, you're still babies to each-other. Give it some time and stop comparing her to your ex. Your ex is dead and gone. She's crap shoot and only holding you back.

    Stop carrying around baggage.

  6. Some people want a lack of safeguards for a reason, some people want it to be extreme. If they sought you out then there was a reason, and they entered into it in a consensual manner understanding what they were getting themselves into.

  7. With all that being the case, I think you just need to make it clear to her that you know it's bad for you and you want to stop, but it's become a habit/compulsion. You don't need to deal with this alone.

    Since it sounds like you have a decently active sex life for an LDR, I can see how she may interpret your actions as something different than what they are. Porn addiction is a real thing. The serotonin dump from masturbating is a real thing that your mind can become reliant on, among other mechanisms. I think it's important that you're open with her about this and involve her in any strategies you use to overcome this. A porn blocking app is something, but the ball is still in your court entirely there, so it doesn't do a lot to build trust.

    Porn is a very polarizing topic, people have very different and very strong opinions about it, so it's a delicate balance where you need to be open and honest, Maybe ask for her help, but also not come off as trying to use addiction as an excuse. You still have to take action. Show her you want to change

  8. He shouldn't go. He and his brother have 2 different lifestyles.

    If the person YOU know is real, its a very hot pass. Especially since spring break….

    There is no other option.

    If he goes, its debauchery as you imagine.

    Its no or nope. The last adventure didn't sound like a ball of fun….this will have more because what happens on vacay…..

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