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  1. Why would you want to stay in a relationship with someone that you admit you don't find attractive, so much so that you're uninterested in being physically intimate?

    It is completely selfish to stay in the relationship only because you view him as being safe and are afraid you won't find anyone better. How is that fair to him? What do you actually like about him besides the fact that he provides a sense of familiarity? Have you even considered his feelings at all?

  2. Many people have tanked their relationships by involving somebody else in sex without thinking about it enough beforehand. Take some comfort from the fact that you aren't the first to make that mistake. Sorry about your relationship though.

  3. If your asexual, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone so handsy who doesn’t respect your boundaries. You should be with someone who matches your energy.

    You’ve communicated plenty and yet he’s still all rapey… It’s better to be alone than with the wrong person.

  4. He's not burying his poop anymore and if he was regular we would be ready to clean it up right away and this wouldn't be such a problem. The litter box is cleaned at least twice per day as our schedule permits and ad hoc when we get a poop bomb.

    It worries me too that he's being force fed, but the alternative is free feeding and he refuses to touch the medicated food. He lost a lot of weight before my partner started feeding by hand.

    I'm the first one to wake. I get started on a few things before waking up my daughter. It's best to clean up before I have to run after a toddler. When the mess is in the basement I am able to wait for my partner to take care of it.

  5. There is NO middle ground when it comes to kids- there's no compromise, no meet you half way etc. Essentially its too big a dealbreaker. You're right neither of you should be forced into a situation you don't want in this regard. Unfortunately this means you are fundamentally incompatible.

  6. AGREED. Truly disgusted. The fact that he blamed all this on HER too. Like Sarah I’d a physic that much is obvious you really believe your wife had no right to stand up for herself at the beginning of all this? It’s like he never really listened to what the problem was and blamed his fiancé for everything so he LET them harass her because he though she deserved it. Gross.

  7. Tell him you love him and his kids but he can budget for a maid . You are not his ex wife and time is limited.

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