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  1. Approach it from two fronts. Front one is explain what she said and how’s she’s acting is hurtful and that you thought they had a good life. If it’s not what is expected for it to be “good”

    Second start planning for the possibility of divorce. Not saying get a lawyer or anything but at least consider what you’re willing to online with and what you’re not. Also watch for excessive spending/withdrawals from any joint accounts of things start to go sideways

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  3. Sounds toxic. Tell your brother what’s going on. With your brothers permission, hit it and quit it. Shiiit. See if you can’t get some Eiffel Tower action.

    Then go find somebody who is worth your time.

  4. He pursued you then gave up any effort when he got you.

    You told him to do something differently once and he hated you for it.

    You shared your goals for the future; that doesn’t mean he’ll be in your future.

    There’s nothing wrong with you. Give up the idea that every relationship will last forever and be successful. You don’t like how he’s treating you, and it’s his decision to treat you that way; you deserve better and you know it. Either he needs to change how he treats you, or you need to be ok with a lackluster “relationship”, or you need to face a little heartbreak so that you can eventually move onto someone better.

  5. Thank you for this advice. I told my mom and at first, she said the DNA test made a mistake. She continued her act of confusion for about a day so I stopped talking to her to give myself a break. Now she's aggressively accusing me of accusing her. And to make the situation worse, my brother (38 yr old special needs) ordered a DNA test per my little brother's request and payment of it, and she kicked him out of her house. I only know because he told my little brother. We all just want to know who is related to who now because we used to all think we were full siblings and now that I know my little brother is half we are searching for answers.

  6. Yet – for OP the pain is fresh. Time fixed things for her, but not for him. She lied every second, minute, hour, day and year for 10 years by not telling him and basically keep cheating.

    So you're tell OP to just “move on” . Its almost like saying – “Ah man you broke your arm, just heal… I had my arm broken 10 years ago and its all fine now” .

    Trust is like virginity – you can maintain it but never regain it.

  7. Does your boyfriend even LIKE you? Because it doesn’t sound like it. Why are you dating someone who appears as they don’t even like you for who you are? Find someone who thinks you’re fabulous!

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