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  1. Love language? Please

    His girlfriend’s friend has a sugar daddy and OP’s girlfriend wants the same.

    Expecting your partner to pay for everything and give you gifts constantly is not a love language.

    It’s abuse.

  2. It depends on what exactly you mean. When you say it shows in the sex and comments he never makes, do you mean the sex is bad, or not to the frequency you would prefer?

  3. fried rice is not a side dish with the Korean BBQ and the different types of Korean fried rice don't have corn in them

  4. The only other thing I can think of to suggest, is that you both look at how over imbibing alcohol reduced his willingness to stop and your ability to stop him. I’m not saying to quit everything fun…just to look at the amount of fun you’re having and your ability to remain in control of situations.

    If there is a general trend of irresponsibility after alcohol, then you need to reassess how much of a role it takes in your social and relaxation time.

  5. The finances get a bit sticky. We were in a really tight spot, mixed with being young and dumb too, and I opened several credit cards in my name during the pandemic because we both got laid off and had to online somehow. Do you suggest I just keep all of this debt? Thank you for the advice.

  6. You should have made it a dealbreaker then and there to either see those messages or you leave. Yes, she has had conversations with him that were inappropriate, or she would not hide them.

    Keep in mind, having guy friends in itself is fine, but if she was flirting with him, she will be flirting with other guys too. Her cutting contact with him is meaningless.

    Sadly, by denying you seeing those messages, she leaves you no option, but to assume the worst. You have wasted time for 2 unfaithful girlfriends and only got hurt as result. Do you want to do it a third time?

  7. I’m not sure what the issue is. Are you upset that he’s divorced?

    When he says it wasn’t real, he means that it doesn’t matter to him anymore – that it’s so inconsequential in his mind that it may as well have not even happened.

    Divorce can be a mistake rather than a failure. He married the wrong person for the wrong reasons, and now it’s over.

    Good thing, too – because now he’s in love with you.

  8. Yes, I'm planning on just getting to know why he feels I'm thrifty and then explaining to him. Thank you!

  9. It has nothing to do with how attracted he is to you. It has everything to do with how little he respects you.

  10. So you care for him like his mommy by cooking and doing his laundry and then he emotional manipulates you by icing you out if you don’t put out.

    Why are you with this guy? This is not acceptable. You should not be his bang maid.

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