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  1. You'll always see her lies and cheats when you look at her. She's lied to you for at least 5 years with no regrets. End it. Take time for you. Heal. Good luck

  2. His wife left him for a tennis player. His ex wife is his best friend along her new husband.

    And his gf of five years left him for some other ones. He doesn’t really leave anyone.

    I have dated a guy his age before and it was more organic go with the flow start as friends and never really was planned or tell me things that most women want to hear. He either knows what to say to me specifically to me or we just have a lot of common interests. we both have finance degrees and work in finance and play blackjack and speak multiple languages and like the same shit. Either he’s mirroring or something.

    I don’t think this guy has dated a younger girl. He asked if I liked to go clubbing and I’m like not really I prefer opera.

    Most women he’s dated are his age.

    I have friends with large age gaps (same wealth, and others wealth differences -my gf my age is dating an older dude and she’s worth 16b) I personally connect with older people and my parents are very old so I don’t see them my parents age.

  3. I'll address each of these.

    Yes, it's a concern if she's avoiding spending time with you. When was the last time you saw her? Do you have any plans set up? I also agree that I'd be concerned that she never asks to spend time with you, but at this point it might possibly not be necessary if you continue to set up plans every time. Have you brought it up though?

    As for affection, I'm on board with you. She's cold. Have you discussed that? It'd be an issue either way, but there's a difference between not wanting to be affectionate specifically with you compared to not being an affectionate person. That alone makes you incompatible, but if it's specifically about you, then I simply don't understand what she's doing here. Either way, you shouldn't have to guess. If you're unsure, then you shouldn't be with her.

    I'm happy that you're happy with your life, but her coming back shouldn't change that. You don't just give up everything else because you're in a relationship. Maybe that's the case. It's just not clear.

    You then address some of my questions. Yes, she should go to therapy. But if she's using her past trauma as a blanket excuse for everything, then she shouldn't be in a relationship. What would be the point?

    You logically are anxious, but you're also anxious due to legitimate concerns. There's nothing to chill out about here. This isn't an issue of you making problems where they don't exist. There are real problems here. You can't just brush them off.

  4. Dump his selfish, disrespectful a$$ and find a decent man who loves you and wants you to be happy.

  5. Yeah, exactly. The more I think about this the more I question his integrity and respect for women and people (including myself–pretty disrespectful to keep something like this from me for so long)

  6. Or maybe she had more luck with other people in the open relationship and OP didn’t so he got insecure. I’ve seen three people try open relationships and the women instantly get a ton of other partners and the guys usually get zero or maybe one or two. Jealously ensues and they break up. Just my anecdotal experience.

  7. Again it happens. Don't dwell on it because you'll drive yourself nuts and cause yourself issues. You two just weren't meant to be. You deserve to be happy. You'll meet someone who is excited to spend time with you.

    Remember what I said about my husband. He made time for me because he was interested. I can't imagine my life with anyone else.

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