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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I'll be honest, him doing it is not rught, and I'm sure everyone is going to say he's a piece of shit. But I feel for him because it must be fucking torture to have you constantly owing on to him night after night and he has to constantly fight you off and day no even though you're his wife and he wants to have sex with you. If I was him I would refuse to sleep in the dame house as you because I couldn't deal with that kind if sexual teasing and torture.

  2. As someone trying not to drink, you’ve got a lot of parties and events that will come up where alcohol will be available.

    You are the one who had an embarrassing issue with alcohol. You are going to have to accept that others are not responsible for why you can’t drink. You cannot expect everyone around you to stop drinking because you can’t.

    This is fairly recent for you so it’s also understandable that you may not be ready to be at events where there will be alcohol. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t go. There will eventually come a time where this won’t be triggering, but now may not be that time. That’s ok!

    You should be proud of your sobriety! At the same time, it’s ok to admit this is too much for you.

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  4. Parents can drink. This guy got drunk enough to get kicked out of a bar, fall asleep in a park which was probably after midnight and that led to being sexually assaulted (not his fault). This is problematic behavior and two of these things wouldn’t have happened if he had not over did it while drinking. He needs to control what he can control which is his drinking.

  5. Best take I've heard. Devastating situation on all fronts, and while she obviously has the worst of it, him denying/burying/hiding his pain and feelings toward what's happening and her choices on the matter is akin to pulling the pin on an emotional grenade that is guaranteed to detonate at an unknown time in the future.

  6. It clearly wasn’t an amazing connection on his part if he’s on tinder and seeking a connection elsewhere

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