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  2. It sounds like she wasn’t laughing at YOU, but the “premature ejaculator” term. Which, can be funny if you are able to be objective about it.

    Perhaps she could have been more sensitive about it. But based on your post, it doesn’t sound like she has criticized or made fun of you in the past (unlike the bitchy exes) – she reassures you. She loves you, married you, and you’ve been together for a long time. Doesn’t sound like she maliciously holds this over you. Doesn’t even sound like she complains.

    Here’s the thing – the PE is an issue that you’re trying to look into and perhaps have more in depth discussions with your wife about. In order to have an open discussion, she’s gotta not walk on eggshells all the time on the topic. And if she can’t laugh at an objectively unusual term because you might get upset about it – then you’re expecting her to walk on eggshells around you. Which means every time she participates in having a discussion about this with you, she needs to also have a sub process running analyzing her words, demeanour, facial expression to make sure your feelings are not hurt. That sounds more exhausting than dealing with the actual PE.

    Solve/ deal with this as a team. She is on your side.

  3. You are not mature enough to get married. You want a fairytale wedding paid for by mommy & daddy. You admit to “milking” your parents because you are terrible with money.

    Postpone the wedding until you figure out how to be an actual adult. In all honesty, if I were your fiance, I would run as far away from you as possible.

    If you go through with the wedding, make sure your parents can afford a divorce lawyer for you. Financial issues are a leading cause of divorce.

  4. My husband of 40 years was very jealous of a man I have been involved with in high school. Long before I met him. About a year into the marriage he had brought this man into our arguments enough that I had enough. I asked him if it had crossed his mind bringing this jerk up every time we had a disagreement was just reminding me of him over and over and over. That I didn’t think about the guy, except when he brought him up all the time. And he never mentioned that man again.

  5. She's having mental issues and you should probably just start to treat her as a work colleague from now on. Smile, pass by her desk and keep going.

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