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Lady, 26 y.o.

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Date: September 28, 2022

9 thoughts on “Lady the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. unfortunately you have been duped. He is only in it for your physical attributed.

    Look if you stay and bring this up, he will soon call you other names like catty/nagging/always fighting.

    He will hit on 25 year olds, tell them he has an old shrew for a wife who doesn't get him and try his chances.

  2. I understand that he wants to see. I love that he wants to see. I just don't want him to feel repulsed by me.

  3. Yeah, honestly just thinking about blocking her and moving on because she still talks to me every now and then, but she doesn't seem to have any interest in prioritizing me slightly in a bareminimum standard. Just sucks considering she was telling me how much she liked me Yada Yada and would like to have me in her life but wouldn't fight to keep me if felt like I wanted to leave. This was even after the two upsets which I think is due to me quitting porn or the pressure who knows, considering this has only happened with this one girl.

  4. He’s too good to toss away but meh in everyday life, you want more passion and he’s giving you his full but sweet Sunday best. Hot choice don’t settle

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