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  1. The message doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but what I'm gathering from the general tone of it is that she would prefer the two of you to get back together, but if you don't she doesn't want either you or her bringing around people you both date around the baby.

    I think this is a fair request until you both work out a custody agreement (assuming you guys don't get back together). She's not saying you can't date whomever she's referring to in the meantime. Obviously, make sure to get a DNA test to make sure it's yours, but a custody agreement (again, especially if you guys aren't together by the time the baby is born) is a very good idea if she's already assuming she'll have an issue with whoever you bring around the baby that you're also dating, especially as the same would apply to her as well.

    I would probably respond by putting focus on the fact that your top priority will always be the baby, and regardless of whether you end up with your ex or with someone else you'll abide by any custody and otherwise agreements that the two of you have discussed when the time comes.

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