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Birth Date: 1989-03-25

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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Yes…those are two good things to remember..

    1.) Time is actually your friend. Bullshit artists cannot not keep the

    fascade going forever, and the more “goal-oriented” typically drop out

    prettry quick.

    2.) Reading “character” has a LOT to do with reading meta-communication.

    This means you'll want to study up on “non-verbal” communication, such

    as body language, expression, comportment, eye movement etc etc.

    (see: FBI observation techniques). The phonies and Bullshit artists are

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  2. The idea of having that one perfect person as a soulmate? Nope. I don’t believe that.

    I do believe in soulmates but I don’t think they have to be a spouse and I think we have more than one soulmate at different times of our lives. I used to think my ex husband was my soulmate and maybe he was at that time, but not anymore. At various times I believed that I had one or two friends as soulmates. Right now, I feel that my daughter is my soulmate.

  3. I would forget I heard anything and stay out of it. Your parents are collectively a mess but not yours to clean up.

  4. He did this because he's cheating on you.

    He called her and cut her off before she could flirt with him, informing her that you could hear the conversation. Then she'd know not to say anything incriminating about their affair.

    Literally he only called you out so she'd know not to say anything that made it obvious that they're either in the flirting stage or are already sleeping together. And, she already knows he's taken so…don't bet that she'll stop sleeping with him if you look for evidence and confront them. Sorry, OP.

  5. Wtf?! You need to leave this marriage. It is broken and toxic. You shouldn’t have gotten pregnant again knowing how bad your relationship was but that ship has sailed. Now you need to leave so that your kid isn’t around this toxic BS. Your husband is at a minimum bisexual and there is nothing wrong with that but there is everything wrong with cheating, lying and spreading STDs.

  6. We do all that quite frequently. Apart from the lack of sex, our relationship is like that of a freshly fallen in love couple. I complement her constantly, but my worry is that the frequency of my complimenting might take away the meaning for her.

  7. I agree. And I can forgive, as well as not continue with the relationship. I can see the situation for what it is, a shitty intentional choice which violates me trust, and I can move on while wishing him he best. Just not with me lol

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