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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Wow, you need a new gf. Don’t dump her immediately because then she will tell everyone why. Let it go for a while then break up with some other excuse. There’s plenty of women out there who will like you and dig you physically.

  2. Then there’s no reason to be married. The only difference between platonic and romantic is physical. Once that’s gone it’s just a friendship that she takes advantage of you with

  3. Go get divorce papers drawn up. Put them on the kitchen table and tell him if he wants some strange so bad all he's gotta do is sign and he's free to go do whatever.

    Otherwise tell him you're done hearing about it, and if he brings it up again it's divorce time, and if you ever find out he's cheated on you it's divorce time as well.

    Are either of your parents still around? Maybe talk to them about their ability to help with your child as you're likely to be a single mom soon.

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