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  1. Just tell him in person, have someone with you if you think you might be in danger, you are dragging this a lot and he will be infected by the time you tell him.

  2. January 1st will be 3 years without a puff. I have the dreams a couple times a week!!! I was wondering how long they last for. I usually feel really guilty in my dreams after. I’m always thinking about how I had to start my streak all over again after all that time.

  3. What is your home environment like?

    What is their bedroom situation? How much have you welcomed them into this home and to you as a new Stepmother?

    I'm just a reddit stranger but I do know that kids are intuitive and can sense when they are not welcomed/wanted.

    Are there lots of arguments or is your house very peaceful?

  4. 100 percent worth breaking up over. This isn’t normal or acceptable behavior. There’s nearly 8 million people in the world. I’m sure you can find someone else who isn’t going to treat you like this.

  5. Stiff upper lip Brit people who can't pronounce your last name and can't be bothered to learn how – how colonial.

    Don't laugh or giggle when they pronounce it wrong. Give them the same stiff upper lip treatment.

  6. First, retest.

    Second… I'd start with your mom. I can think of at least 5 versions which are not the “mom cheated on dad, and he never knew” story. Point is: if this is real, ask her.

  7. I take it as an offense to me and my loyalty

    You clearly don't care just how terrible it can be for a guy who's mislead or roped into raising a kid that isn't his. He has no rights in most countries, yet you're unwilling to do this?

    Do you have something to be worried about? Why wouldn't you do that?

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