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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. My instinct is he's doing this to 'punish' you for not following his rules. It's a first step to seeing how far he can isolate you, he'll come back in a week or two, love bomb you a bit, and try to make up and get back together. And then he'll use this as an excuse to set even more strict rules, and he'll know that his 'punishment' (emotional abuse) worked and can be used again.

    I may be reading it wrong, but this extreme of a response to your action screams of emotional manipulation to me.

    My advice – if he comes back and tries to make nice, do not take him back or have any further contact with him. Move on and find someone healthier.

  2. I’ve been in your situation. This is manipulation. Listen to those who say it’s on the police to check on him, not on you. You stay away. Block him. He is bad news.

  3. Ok, here's the thing(that the women on this thread will downvote me for saying, like magicians would downvote me for giving away a trick. Believe me or believe them, but I ain't trying to make a sale). Ok. Women play pull away games to test guys, and they judge you on your response to the pull away. Too needy? Dropped. Overly dramatic? Dropped. Blocking them? Dropped. They can't help themselves. They are very hot wired to test both your commitment and your style of commitment. Gauging the appropriate response is tricky (because it's not fully conscious which is why most of them won't admit it). Play it cool is the best advice I can give. Don't chase but be open to her coming back and don't point out that her behaviour is self defeating. Good luck

  4. yeah two blue eyed people making a brown eyed baby is rare. you know what's more common? cheating with the Italian friend.

  5. He’s completely gaslighting you and tried to manipulate you and coerce you into sex. He also lied about his gender. This is disgusting behavior and very abusive. Run.

  6. If you’re at the talking stage, then communicate!

    I’m going to bed now, I’ll check your texts in the morning!

    Sorry I didn’t see your texts last night, my bed time is 11:00.

    How naked is it to just…talk to him?

  7. It's all good. Just learn from it. I've been married for 22 years and although I've been right, I've learned it's best to let her realize it and tell me I was right, then for me to pursue telling her I am or was. And talking about things right away always prevents unnecessary Wonder and headaches. A healthy argument or disagreement is necessary. There is no possible way to agree on everything. But just find a comfortable medium to meet. And like I said. Learn from those disagreements. Remember that the silent treatment isn't a punishment, it's a pleasure. And often needed to come to that agreement.

  8. Nothing good for you gf had to go, you need to be a parent and that means you have to deal with ex as much as required.

  9. . It’s just hard to talk about because she always reacts with the “so are you happy with me or not?” question.

    “I'm happy with you, but I'm not happy about our living situation, I'm not happy about my job situation. Hence, I can't imagine staying here in Florida much longer. I understand that you don't share my views, but this is how I feel.”

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