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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Is it possible she might just want to meet you and he's trying to accommodate that? My brother did something similar but we were much younger.

    If it helps, try to frame it in your mind not as pretending you like talking to them but as you caring about supporting your family.

    If they want to make it a regular thing though, f that.

  2. Yeah… nah… I was fully ready to be like well, maybe he was looking for a compromise….

    ‘Is oral sex ok for you? We don’t have to have full blown sex if oral doesn’t trigger you’

    You know, something like that… was ready to give old mate the benefit of the doubt.

    But after reading your tale… no ma’am… he doesn’t give a shit about you or your feelings… he just wants whatever pleasure you can give him…. Oh, he apologised? And then what? Puts pressure on you to sext and play with yourself…. No, he probably wants that so he can show his mates what he is hitting.

    Get the fuck out, and don’t walk… he will push you further down a shame spiral to get what he wants.

  3. I made him a Spotify playlist when we had just started dating (~4 months of being exclusive) and were about to go long distance. He loves music, and come to think of it, that playlist hasn’t been updated in a while so maybe it’s time to give that an update – thank you for this suggestion!

  4. Don't bring it up again. Work through your feelings and leave her be.

    Next time you ask someone out, ask them! The way you asked seems to assume sge has already decided to go to coffee with you. Say something more like, “hey, Melissa, would you like to grab a coffee with me this week?”.

    I think she was thrown by the way you asked.

  5. You embarassed yourself with your crappy approach. Are you an MLM hun or brobot trying to pitch a pyramid scheme in a way this girl wasn't supposed to be able to say “no”? No wonder her answer was awkward and nervous. You don't ask someone out by assuming they'll be “free” for you and want to know when; next time ask her if she'd LIKE to meet you for coffee sometime.

    And whatever you do next, leave the girl alone now and don't bring it up again.

  6. sex came with a lot of emotions

    I think most FWB relationships are between people who do not have strong emotional attachments to each other as they are better capable of keeping physical needs separate from emotional needs. Even then many such relationships have 1 partner developing feelings and significantly complicating matters. You don't have that here and its really likely that either you or the other would want more and lead to problems if its not an option.

    FWB are rarely exclusive and the fact that you would be hurt by Sarah continuing to have sex with other people, basically says you couldn't do a FWB relationship with either of them. You want monogamy and to me that says you want more than sex.

    Either you ask one of them out with the intent to pursue a serious monogamous relationship (and you need to be upfront on that) or you need to separate yourself from both until this attraction and emotions die off.

  7. I'm dead serious, it's really a huge thing with porn. Erectile dysfunction is also tied to circumcision.

  8. Don't stay with him. Not only is he a lying cheating AH, he sat there and tried to make you out to be abusive and he was in fear of his life. He's setting it up so you're the bad guy when you dump him.

  9. I can’t help but really sympathize for your child and the situation they’re being brought into. The unfortunate thing is whether you want him present or not, if doesn’t really matter. While it is your decision to keep the child, he could easily make the decision to not want the child. Meaning completely signing over rights and only financially supporting on paper through the courts.

    Please be honest with your child too especially if he signs away his rights. Your child may have the curiosity to see him down later in life to seek him out. I know from watching my once bright, outgoing, kindhearted cousin turn to a depressive shell of her former self (with two attempts to unalive herself) because she was rejected when she tried to make contact with her bio mom. Bio mom basically said to never contact again, she gave her up for a reason and that they’ll only be strangers to each other.

    I wish you all the best. No matter what, just know that you need to make not only the best decision for yourself, but what will ultimately be in your child’s best interest too. D

  10. Didn’t say I wanted a reason why he wanted to break up, I said I wanted communication during the relationship. That’s not wrong to ask. And he didn’t communicate, treating someone like garbage and telling them that he wished they killed themselves is not communicating. It’s hurtful, it’s wrong, and it’s shitty.

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