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im love “control her”

Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Speaking as someone who has had some poly men do this… PLEASE bear in mind that this is not all poly people it's just my own experience. In some towns the amount of poly people, especially women, is limited. And there are some who will really go in to seduce you into the lifestyle. They tell you how gorgeous you are, how popular you would be, how freeing it is to have partners who can fulfill different parts of your life rather than relying on one person to do all of it, how you can have these amazing connections and really explore yourself… It's genuinely intoxicating. But it should always come down to a proper discussion with your actual partner before even CONSIDERING anything like a date. With anyone. There's an element of peer pressure, seduction, and selfishness in the whole thing.

  2. He’s never said “warms my heart” to anyone before. It was a first for me to see. I’ve gotten into the hobby. We both enjoy it together, but I don’t know it as much as my boyfriend and H. I try though as I’m genuinely interested. He has cheated on me before via snapchat and I forgave him. Clearly that was a mistake.

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