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Date: September 30, 2022

14 thoughts on “LeraNu live sex chats for YOU!

  1. This is serious life or death stuff. Don’t allow him into your lives in any way. The guy doesn’t take any responsibility, he’s a loose cannon. Be clear with your wife. Men like this kill people.

  2. I can't get past the fact that this was done in front of children, she also didn't care and thought it was funny. Her behavior for being a grown ass woman is embarrassing and humiliating to say the least. She and her sister didn't see anything wrong with it, that's sad. You have every right to be upset with her and about this. I've seen many a person act this way when drunk and their excuse was f*ck 'em if they can't take a joke! They didn't care about who was embarrassed or humiliated by it. My other question is why didn't anyone stop her? I would question her more as to why she thought doing this was OK. I totally see where you are coming from and you have every right to be upset.

  3. I’m sorry you have to deal with this person. I had a similar issue at work and the only way it ended was to fully severe the relationship and move to a different office.

  4. I'm not sure why you put an ultimatum on your relationship like this. But you did, and you have avoided the ultimatum and that is great. If you use rules as written it's clear that you worked it out. Good for you, losing weight is a very difficult process.

    I would feel suffocated if my weight could jeopardize my relationship one way or the other. I can't even imagine my partner sixmzing me up daily to see if I made any progress or not.

    I also push my wife to exercise, I just want tmher to live! a healthy-ish lifestyle, and motivating her has been an impossible challenge I am still working through. I would never threaten to leave her over it unless it degenerated to the point where she needed help standing and sitting, or needed mobility assistance. And only if I could track that down to exclusively poor choices. And only of she refused to at least acknowledge the problem.

    I wish you luck regardless of what happens, I understand that you have been and likely still are in a dark place.

  5. Sorry…I'm a little hazy about the whole “trapped”/ “Not Trapped” thing.

    So…you're like what?…sitting in your livingroom with a homing device?

  6. Grow up. Pets are always “two yes one no”, you don't get to bring in pets someone else doesn't want because you pay half the bills. Also, golden retrievers are a terrible choice for an apartment. A dog also isn't going to keep you safe while running– get pepper spray if you must. Stop pressuring your boyfriend to get a pet he doesn't want.

  7. Unspoken expectations breed resentment.

    Just because he's probably a lot better at compartmentalizingbhis emotions doesn't mean they aren't there, and that he doesn't have them.

  8. Now you are in a position to switcheroo it. Tell his wife make it dent his relationship with his wife. As for why, he simply thinks low of you. Even if you NC him he can still go after your future partners instead of you.

    But before you tell the wife, have some evidence.

  9. Oh my are pretty much both teens! My son is 13 and my daughter soon to be 10 but already a teen in her mind lol. My son is our resident thespian and his school’s one act UIL play is going to district and he got his first award for acting. We’re very proud and excited parents. My daughter is the artist and we try drawing with her and going arts and crafts. I’m struggling with their independence but that’s a me problem. Both are 100% beach bums and my husband and I are too so it works out great. Thank you for your kind words ?

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