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AT GOAL: RUB MY ASSHOLE AND PUSSY + FINGERING , ♥ Wet me and make me yours [Multi Goal]

Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. She don’t owe him shit. If he wants that he can pay for a fucking babysitter. She has obligations literally to survive and make a living for him too. You guys are failing to see that and on top of that she said “I’m happy she was able to help I just feel weird.” She’s not allowed to have feelings ? I hope to god your gf goes behind your back with an ex. My boyfriend would never make me drop everything to help him and he sure as hell would’ve told me an ex is the only person he has and vice versa. I wouldn’t expect my boyfriend to drop everything he has in life to help me and I promise an ex would not be someone I’d be calling. Id call a coworker before I called an ex y’all bugging

  2. You could possibly reframe the tats in your mind, and ask him to do something with his beard? I get the “small marsupial on the face” hate; my partner currently has one, but he can shave it off and there are other things I find attractive about him in the meantime, and I focus on those & defocus on the googly eyes & lips effect. Good luck!

  3. If you're just concerned for your girlfriend's safety, then the worry about being “taken for a fool” doesn't come into play at all, because you know it's not about you.

    okayy I hear u, imo this girl seems the type to take advantage, my gf is naive and this girl has evidently taken advantage of her naivety whilst under the guise of 'girl friends'.

    Me not wanting to be taken for a fool rrly plays into her touching my gf in ways I find inappropriate esp with what I heard that happened between them. I feel like I'm being taken for a fool bcs this girl would say lowkey vile shit to my gf abt a sexy top and stealing her from me and while doing so tracing her finger down the middle of her chest, and then not being able to greet me normally. I didnt expect hugs a simple hi how are u didn't even happen cos she didn't look me in my eyes which initially put me off and made me thing something happened. also I think it's important to add that after the 'edible arrangement' my gf said that she felt v weird after it and she didn't like it and didn't want that to happen. she had no reason to lie to me as this happened way b4 our relationship and my gf doesn't swing that way.

    I think she seems very comfortable with her friend touching her up. but I am not esp knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen. it's honestly fkn weird.

    I don't think she's unfaithful I think she doesn't think abt what's happening in the moment I think she's blinded by their friendship that she doesn't see the inappropriateness in the situation at hand.

  4. He seemed to have some substance abuse issues, some mental health problems that he refused to address, and they fought very frequently. She said the relationship had been over for months before she finally decided to pull the plug on it.

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