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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. The legal implications of marriage depend on jurisdiction but they're quite significant everywhere. Under some jurisdictions living together for some period of time implies marriage.

    Someone mentioned OP not being covered by his parents' health insurance any longer. Federal Student Aid qualifications could be impacted for him as his parents' income wouldn't count any longer.

    In your case, none of the risks may have realized. But I'd say the stigma isn't completely gone.

  2. Yea I just would like to know a general idea of when he’s going to come home before he leaves. I feel like that’s not wrong

  3. You're being controlling because you feel insecure, work on that. Him being able to express himself freely through porn is healthy as long as he's not addicted or whatever. It's normal, face your insecurities. Also it sounds like you were snooping

  4. Just as you said. Tell her she's beautiful and don't mention the hair. If she's worried about her hair then every time you tell her she's beautiful she will know that either you don't see her flaws or you don't care.

  5. OP ,let me ask you a question. What side are you seeing from your father, exactly? The side that means he did the right thing by throwing away his kid for -checks notes- being their own person? I'm really curious about your answer. If I was your sister, and by any chance I found this post and read “I can see where my father is coming from”, you bet I would go NC with you as well. Leave the poor woman alone, she will contact him is she so wishes.

  6. The update to this proves we all need to slow our rolls when it comes to deciding the other person is evil and should be left immediately.

    Open communication is almost always the answer

  7. Yea he’s using you, go get a place with your sister! You get your own space, no weed smoking and save money!

  8. You should tell your GF that you do not expect her to give head, or you don't expect doggy, but that you need her to be more active during sex in general. Lets be honest nobody likes a dead fish in bed.

    You guys really have to have an open & honest conversation. You either find a compromise to make sex enjoyable for the both of you, or you face the truth that you're not compatible.

  9. She needs some serious mental help. You need to take her to her mother's, let her family know that she tried to kill herself by jumping out of a moving vehicle on the freeway and that you are no longer going to be in a relationship with her because she puts your life in jeopardy. And then go home and anything that she may have at your house, box up and either put out in the front yard or take it to her mother's and then walk out of this girl's life before she takes yours with her

  10. I think you come off as a bit much, but whether that’s the case or not, he seems like a horrible partner.

    You’re right to be upset about it, but now what? He obviously doesn’t agree. Do you just let it go?

  11. I would framsuggest conversation as coming from concern about his health not ypur sexual desires. Suggest he speak with a doctor if he hasn't already so he can be fully informed. Not just about if he is a candidate for the surgery, but if there are alternatives to surgery, and the possible long term affects of foregoing treatment. Offer to go with him if it would make him more comfortable, but don't insist on being there. Or help him make a list of questions to ask so he doesn't forget again only if he wants the help. If he ultimately decides not to see a doctor or not to have the surgery, it's his choice.

  12. I'm not familiar with what DL/DR. I apologized this is long but I have no idea what I'm doing anymore.

    Do you mean the CPTSD and other stuff?

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