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Date: October 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “LianaRoy live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. He’ll apologize next time too. And the time after that. And the time after that. Lather, rinse and repeat.

    How many times will you stay and let him hit you before you realize that the apologies are meaningless?

  2. No hate here. I was married to someone like that . My only question is how does a man get a UTI? Isn't something missing?

  3. INFO: Why do you and your fiancé feel that mum and MIL are entitled to dictate anything about your wedding? Because you are, in effect, permitting them to dictate the handling of this issue by allowing them to continue like this.

    Are you financially dependent on them? If no, then tell them to smartly bugger off and inform any and all wedding staff that every single decision now goes through you and fiancé, no one else, no exceptions.

    If you are financially dependent on them, then it’s time to rework your expectations of the wedding so that you can boot them and have the full control over the situation that you need and deserve.

    Even your parents see nothing wrong with this guy blatantly sexualising you, running his mouth every chance he gets essentially about you getting creampied. Read that again, OP: your parents are okay with your FIL vocally obsessing over you getting creampied. I am sorry to be that blunt but they are not in your corner if they are refusing to stand up for you. They are just as sick as he is.

  4. you literally asked for “women counterparts” to tell you what we would do and then have attitude when they’re honest?? Yea you sound like a treat, I’m sure this is long-lasting.

  5. It feels like you may have reached a point of seemingly no return. A cycle where you are not being respected, be it conditionally or unconditionally, and she is not getting unconditional love in return.

    Not to say you're actively doing something to hurt her or withdraw, I have had it happen to me, and it creeps up on you. You don't feel respected so you start caring a bit less and less about her and not being as special to her etc – does that sound along the right tracks?

    The dead bedroom may also be a by product of that

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