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  1. If she fucked another guy don’t take her cheating ass back. Think about how much you love her. Would you ever consider cheating on her? Well she doesn’t feel the same about you. That didn’t change when you caught her. She’s playing you. Good luck

  2. How is making up stuff to tell his gf helpful? There is not enough backstory in this post to justify anything you are saying about her “just being an ATM to him.”

  3. sounds like bias against queerness/trans etc if that's all it was. that isn't any reason not to let him have access to his kids. i didn't read the orginal, only going off what you said here.

  4. At first I agree, seems better that he did it in front of OP but actually I am just wondering whether that is just a way to actively push the boundaries into the direction where his future interactions with the other woman arent scrutinized and/or monitored anymore.

    the topic of sex and pleasure are now a component of their relationship. dunno what i would think about this irl

  5. I wanted to agree until I saw these comments. Y’all are both to immature to be having sex and your making it seem like the condom breaking is only his problem or his fault when in reality it’s both of you. You know the reliability of condoms isn’t 100% and they can break. So either find a solution or break up— this isn’t something you can meet in the middle on. If you don’t take it that’s on you but that means your putting yourself at risk.

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  7. Your looking for a possible explanation as to why he cheated, without knowing the full context or his side of things, I can only really give you possible explanations.

    If he didn't really have a lot of experience sexually before you, or if you were his first “real” long term relationship. Even if you are the perfect girlfriend, he might not have had a got reference or gauge for how perfect you were. Men in early adulthood will sometimes develop this thought process of “is the best relationship out there” especially if they didn't really have a previous relationship to compare it to. And so they get this urge to have more experiences, some times that means breaking up with the perfect girl, or cheating on the perfect girl.

    Another possibility is, if he actually has an undiagnosed mental disorder beyond depression, like Bipolar disorder or a personality disorder, Specifically a cluster B personality disorder, that can lead him to making some pretty poor decisions. Sometimes decisions against his own best interests or with out consideration for others. Manic episodes from Bipolar disorder can lead some people to cheat. Compulsiveness and Emotional instability from Borderline personality disorder can cause cheating. And so on

    Another possibility is that he cheated simply just because he could, and didn't think about the possible consequences in the moment. The opportunity was there and he took it.

    Keep in mind that I'm not using any of these possibilities as justification for what he did. It's strictly just possible explanations. The only person who really knows why he cheated is him.

  8. If he’s military, you should have extra support via military programs. Have u participated in them? Have you reached out? They have programs to help the spouse, kids, divorce, debt, etc.

  9. Of course it is. But I thought it was a deep american tradition to go out with your friends for debauchery and promiscuity for your bachelor/Bachelorette party. I'm from a tourist town. Usually when a group of ladies appear in a bar here dressed in their penis regalia parading around their crowned and sashed bride queen they are trying to get her laid before the return home for the wedding.

  10. You didn’t make much sense there, but overall each relationship is it’s own. Single mothers have nothing to do with this subject. It’s a totally different issue to ask a casual hookup for a test VS a partner.

    If you’re building a family with someone you can’t trust, that’s a YOU problem.

    Most women will not have children with men that can’t trust them and think badly of their character.

  11. He lied about his age

    I don't even have to read the rest. The answer is yes, he is toxic as fuck.

    /EDIT Ok I just read the rest, damn, SUPER TOXIC.

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