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Date: September 27, 2022

19 thoughts on “Lilica (, 。•́‿•̀。)ノ♡ the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Not gonna lie if the roles were reversed people would rightfully point out what a manchild OP is for not being the most important bill you have to pay and then chasing your spouse around even though they told you to leave them alone. I am not sure what really happened between OP and her husband but it really doesnt sound like he has no good reasons for not wanting to be with her anymore.

  2. That’s genuinely what happened. The purpose of that statement is to show what I saw, and I saw that she hasn’t completely lost me in her mind. I shared it because I thought it would be significant to identifying how she feels.

    If you’re going to run around and trash on other people, you’re in the wrong subreddit.

  3. After a week, she's not ready for a relationship? She should take a chance on you? Dude, cool your jets. See her occasionally for a couple months and reassess.

  4. I am from originally a northeastern state and now I’m living a bit more south. So maybe that’s part of it.

  5. He’s your ex. He doesn’t get to insist about anything that has to do with you. Time for NC so you can move on. Don’t play these head games, it’s not productive and manipulative.

  6. Decide is single motherhood is for you or not. This is your only option honestly.

    Whether u keep the baby or not , ur shitty husband needs to not be in the picture

  7. Just write her. You'll either get a win or probably never see again. So nothing to lose.

    If there was grading, ask her what grade she got, then transition into a conversation about how she doing and her plans for the rest of the year. By then you should have a feeling whether she interested or not.

  8. She's completely right to break up with and the fact that you only see this as 'enforcing a boundary' is fucked up. She was ill and needed you to be there for her (y'know, as a boyfriend should be) and you were too stubborn about this stupid 'boundary' (which makes absolutely no logical sense since you'd be there to look after her) to do that. And then your reaction to agreeing to stay for her was extremely negative. Why the hell would she want to be with someone who reacts that badly to giving a compromise when she needs it and the compromise was just that you stay with her an extra night! I struggle to see how that's even a compromise. If my partner tells me she's sick, it's all hands on deck, operation make her feel better is a go. You were being a shitty partner, and good on her for knowing she deserved better.

  9. I’m confused how you’re stuck between med school or your bf… you’re not even done with your Bachelor’s yet.

    Let’s take things one step at a time dear

  10. My mother is like that, she's a mild narcissist who doesn't respect the fact that other people exist. She just ignores boundaries and doesn't respect others, doesn't think that they are and what they want is important, and putting away things at home is just a symptom of that.

    So people are jumping to OCD, while I think it's often more of self-involved behavior, “I do the things I like you what you want doesn't matter much”

  11. If her only “value as a woman” to you can be lost so easily, I beg of you, do not continue to date women.

    You should only date people you respect, that you feel have intrinsic value and worth that cannot be lost. Otherwise, you're just treating your partners as objects, and to me? That's grosser than sleeping with another consenting adult, however … varied their history.

  12. It would be a deal breaker for me but as long as he does get you off somehow and you're happy and the relationship is healthy ??‍♀️ you don't want to break up so idk what advice we can really give tbh ? I'm inclined to agree with your friends, all the men I've know who don't give head have in fact been dbags.

  13. Underlying question: do you and your boyfriend have compatible sex drives?

    Are you both enjoying your sex life?

  14. Why are you married at 23? To a guy who is that obviously manipulative and controlling?

    Get a divorce. Fast.

  15. If lying is a deal breaker for you then you don't have a choice but to leave, of course you can choose to do otherwise. Keep in mind someone ok with lying about one thing maybe lying about other things as well.

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