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Date: September 25, 2022

11 thoughts on “Lilii Moon H online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Frankly not worth the effort. OP doesn’t need to teach her a lesson. He just needs to get clear of her with as little drama as possible. You don’t yell at the trash bag when you chuck it in the can.

  2. Divorce. Not for you, for her.

    You're shallow and unsympathetic to what she may be going through. You're not a partner to her at all.

  3. I am sorry but holy shit. OP, there is nothing you have done wrong accept for maybe not telling her about the tray. It sounds like you work your ass off to do what you can to keep the both of you afloat and she is just extremely ungrateful. Are you sure you married a woman and not a spoiled child? What is she contributing to you marriage besides complaining and being ungrateful? From what I’ve read, you are not the abusive one, she is (and this is coming from an abused person). You may want to look into a divorce and save yourself. Find someone who is going to appreciate the work you do and how you take care of them.

  4. The bigger the net, the higher the maintenance. Committing a blunder like telling your supposedly exclusive gf another woman is repeatedly calling you while you act out of character – what an amateur lmao. Both op and the dude are young tho, good on her part noticing it in a timely manner

  5. Nah so like, she also had a dark sense of humor. She was very much open with that. Like I said, we had legit the exact same personalities – even down to the sense of humor.

  6. You need to just ask her. Easy as that. If she says it’s a mold, tell her you don’t feel comfortable with that since you guys are together. If she’s in it for the long haul like you, it’ll be a no brainer. But these days? Most dildos look real and have all the gadgets. Open communication in a relationship is key and will make you guys go the distance. Don’t start bottling stuff up now.

  7. You tell her you know what she did and it’s over. You also tell her that if she does get pregnant you won’t agree to any responsibility for the baby without a paternity test.

    And for God’s sake moving forward – always supply your own condoms and make sure you dispose of them yourself!

  8. Vasectomies are not considered reversible. The longer it’s been the less chance you have of a successful reversal, and it’s not guaranteed in the first place. Some people will never be able to reproduce again regardless of time since, some people have to have the procedure done multiple times because it wasn’t successful. If you want kids or think you might in the future, you should not consider a vasectomy. They are not reliably reversible.

  9. Hope you break it off. Given your last post, I hope there won’t be a third post!!! You deserve better.

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