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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. No she came back 2 weeks after the miscarriage and showed me a pregnancy test. She went for a scan about 5 weeks into her pregnancy

  2. I basically shit on a dude while riding him and it was all good lol you guys are way too sheltered.

  3. Welcome to the reality of relationship. Go meet the family. Talk to your girlfriend in advance about whether she would prefer you defend her or bite your tongue if stuff comes up.

  4. This is totally normal behavior for men. The drive to seek out variety doesn't just leave our bodies once we shack up with a woman. Some women act this way too. Your sensibilities don't match up. You need a more gentle guy perhaps. Is it worth your time to worry about this? Only if you make it so.

  5. There are certain type of “men” that engage this way. From my experience, these are not the type of men you have long healthy relationships with.

    I'm not saying looking at porn privately is bad, but when he and his friends do this, that's often a huge red flag. Again, I know the type. They disgusted me.

    Do what you want, but I already know how this relationship will go. And no, I'm not a bitter woman. Quite happy actually.

  6. If she threatens to khs, call the police and they will help her get to a mental health facility. In fact, do this no matter who it is, anytime anyone threatens this.

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