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  1. And that's definitely what you're building up to. You're going to come back in four hours and post 'oh no, Nick assaulted Amy; how could I have expected to know this could have happened?'

    Cue more outrage farming.

  2. I agree, its not a problem because i still enjoy it even if i dont finish but it feels weird that i havent experienced orgasm with my partner even once considering we have sex often. I would like to know what it feels like tbh

  3. Honestly I’m struggling to find fault with her

    Sounds like your relationship died a while ago during your drug abuse and she’s staying because she cares for you and doesn’t want to leave you during your recovery for fear of you relapsing

    Y’all need couple and individual therapy

  4. Not to mention, he asked for sex without a condom as a birthday present, when he knew she wasn't on birth control. In fact, that definitely should be mentioned. He knew he was taking a chance she would get pregnant, and he still wanted his “present”.

  5. I’m going to give you some real advice here that I’ll probably get downvoted to hell and back because Reddit is Reddit.

    1) I worked in politics for over 10 years. It’s largely professional wrestling for intellectuals and most of it is just as fake. The people you see on TV/internet who you think hate each other are usually good friends behind closed doors and drink while playing trivia together on wed. nights while congress in session. Then they put on the show and go on their respective media outlets and talk about how evil the other person is. Chances are the politician you like is probably friends with the politician you hate when the cameras are off. The point is that it’s not worth hating another human being over these people or what they say, let alone ending a relationship.

    2) You can disagree with someone about something while still genuinely loving that person and respecting their opinion. This is a foreign concept to the “you agree with me or you’re my enemy” attitude people have been pushed into having these days. The key to this is sincerity, if you genuinely love and respect this person even though you know they disagree with you on some things then you’re half way there. The next question is do you actually respect their opinion even though you disagree with it? Or are you just excusing it because you’re in-love? The genuine respect for their opinion needs to be there. Most importantly they need to really feel that you respect their opinion(s) even if you disagree with them. This is the difference between a heated argument and a healthy discussion (crazy concept right). Before going into -any- discussion about politics or any subject you disagree on you need to have the conscious thought that you’re going to make sure she feels that you genuinely respect her opinion even if you disagree with it. If you can do that, then it can work.

    3) Statistically around 40%-45% of people change or adapt their political views as they get older, become more spiritual, or to be more in-line with their partner once they get married or enter into a legal union. This will infuriate many people on here I’m sure but it’s the truth and why the political landscape always stays the same over time despite every generation thinking they are going to change things once they get older and the current older demographic dies off. There is a reason that never happens. The social views of political parties make soft changes over long periods of time but the party support numbers don’t really change in terms of the balance of power. No matter how revolting or disgusting the idea seems to people reading this now, statistically if you’re under 30 years of age there is about a 43% chance you’re political views will change as you age. Nobody will ever believe this will happen to them and almost everyone will viciously argue against it (as every younger generation has) but it won’t change the fact that nearly half the people under 30 on Reddit will shift their political views over time. The reason this is relevant to you and your relationship is because you are both very young. You’re still both learning who you are. As you get older chances are one of you, if not both will change your views on many things as you experience the world and the trials and tribulations that are life. What you ardently believe now, what she does may very well change over time. Statistically it’s more than likely this will happen to at least one of you.

    4) Your biggest obstacle is going to be both her friends and yours. As you can tell by the comments on here people have been so worked up into a frenzy against their fellow human beings over politics that her friends who agree with her are going to hate you, and I mean hate. They are going to put all kinds of social pressure on her to leave you. Likewise your friends are going to do the same with you because they will hate her for her own beliefs. You have to be conscious of this and accept that it’s going to be an issue you’ll have to work through.

    All in all you don’t need to break up and it can definitely work but you do need to be honest with her about your current views and she needs to do the same about hers. You need to make it abundantly clear to her that you sincerely respect her views and beliefs even if you don’t agree with them and you need to treat her with that respect while she’s sharing them with you. She needs to be willing to do the same with you. If both of you can do this then it can work, if one or both of you can’t then it will be difficult at best.

  6. Hey OP, I’m sorry you’re going through this rough patch in your relationship. Long distance can be really nude and sometimes it’s not worth it. If you’re feeling tired of trying to fix things, then maybe it’s time to end it before he visits you. It would be unfair to him and yourself to pretend everything is fine when it’s not. Plus, his visit might be awkward or painful if you’re not in love anymore. You deserve someone who makes you happy and excited, not disappointed and bored. Just my two cents. Good luck!

  7. My in-laws and my family make up a great village for us as well. I’m extremely grateful for all they do and how much they truly help us and the time they give. I wish I would have realized that sooner. Thank you

  8. Well, again, I feel like if he hasn't noticed it already then you pointing it out won't be a sudden shock to him.

    If he suddenly starts making fun of you more because you said you're sensitive about it…well, then he's a dick and maybe not the best person. This could be a good way of seeing how compatible you are in the long term. If he can't be nice about this, then you'll be walking on eggshells for the rest of this relationship.

  9. Does his wife know she’s in a poly relationship? Your wife is definitely having an emotional affair, but it also sounds like she could be being manipulated.

    Personally, I don’t think you did anything wrong by going through her phone.

  10. Your partner isn’t poly though, so to try and force him into it with counselling etc is just kinda coercive. Why not leave him and you can have your poly relationship and he can find a nice mono girl that isn’t going to ruin his life.

  11. Depending what phone he has you may be able to recover the deleted messages. It’s exactly what another redditor did after they suspected their partner was deleting messages. Someone in the comments suggested it and they were able to uncover literally thousands of messages proving their partner was cheating.

    I know it can be done with iPhones but not sure about others.

    It sounds sketchy as hell to me, there is no good excuse for why he would need to delete their messages between each other.

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