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  1. I don't know what it means, but that's some mixed signal's for sure.

    He said: I like you, and if we continued to get to know each-other, we could be serious… but I don't know if I am ready something serious.

    So… that's complicated.

    What do we do with complicated? We seek answers. And we don't date people who cannot offer direction.

  2. Get in touch with an adult, any adult who can help. This is very serious. He needs help. Tell your mom, her mom, his mom. Tell someone, and tell them ASAP.

  3. It’s a professional dance. You need to grow up. They aren’t banging on the dance floor.

    She’s done everything she can to assuage your fears, and you need to get over your insecurities about your girlfriend dancing in a professional environment with another professional dancer.

    That’s about it. It might suck for you, but deal with it.

  4. Imagine what your future would be like if you had a child with this person and the topic of vaccines came up.

  5. You can’t. There’s absolutely nothing you can say to make someone with low self esteem feel better. She needs professional help. If she thinks she is fat when she is not she could have body dysmorphic disorder and needs to see a therapist to get help.

  6. Groomsman hosted a party that your bride was explicitly not invited to.

    He can come to the wedding alone just like you were allowed to go to that party alone. Being a groomsman is in his hands at that point.

    The wife should obviously not be invited.

    Not even because I think your wife's a saint who did nothing wrong.

  7. Some people can’t have a conversation without putting both of their feet in their mouth. Chances are, he’s just a buffoon. I wouldn’t give it any more thought. (Changing tires isn’t helped by fat. It’s helped by strength. He didn’t think the skinny girl would be strong enough. You look substantial enough to be strong.)

  8. I had a BF do this to me, I told him if it happens again I'm leaving. His father arrived, I moved right out. The BF actually thought I was moving out just to make room for his father and that I would be back once he'd gone back home, and he was devastated when I didn't.

  9. She’s not dying, he’s just lying to keep her from telling her… she’s also his ex/suicidal etc etc etc.

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