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  1. I told her that it makes me feel uncomfortable but she said she isn’t doing anything wrong since he’s legal.

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  3. If he's a doormat, why isn't he in therapy? Why does he think it's ok to converse with his ex without you knowing and spending money on her without you knowing about it?

    Yes, he feels sorry for her but still disrespected you. Why?

  4. You have an issue in that you don’t understand the boundaries involved.

    You seem to not understand the topic at hand here, try actually reading the post including the TL;DR at the top.

    It’s got nothing to do with supporting or not supporting “teenage motherhood.”

    Again, not the point of the post. The point is there's a baby about to be born in a few months to a mother who “doesn't give a shit” about providing for it. I don't know how many times I need to say it. She does not care about pre-planning for ANYTHING about this baby. You're more preoccupied with what people think than an actual human life.

    You’ve expressed your opinion. She doesn’t give a shit what you think.

    If you actually read the post, you would know that I never gave her my opinion.

    Since you clearly didn't read the post, let me shorten it for you here:

    She's planning on having a baby that she cannot support. The immediate family cannot provide financial support. No babysitting, no money, nothing. Read that twice if you have to.

    Some more fun facts. My gf's family is planning on visiting us in 2 months, but they didn't tell the pregnant sister and secretly decided to leave her home alone. She found out because my gf told her, and now she wants to save money to come up here to make a surprise visit. Meanwhile she still hasn't saved anything for the baby. I don't want her stepping one foot in here, because she'll start thinking our place will be some sort of safe haven once things go left at home after the baby is born. She has already expressed a desire to move in with us over a year ago due to toxic issues at home. She has already tried running away from home. She planned to run away from home with her ex-boyfriend before she got pregnant and they broke up. If you can't see that all of this is a major red flag but think I'm the red flag, you are willingly choosing to be blind.

  5. Lol what is bitumen?

    Have you only had sex in a bed?

    The question is whether his wife got fucked while out drinking. I’m talking about my experience with quick, discreet sex while in public, and yes, women can chafe their elbows.

  6. Thank you for this. It’s just so heartbreaking and scary. I still care for this person and love him, just not how I’m supposed to . After all these years I’m so attached, and it’s terrifying not knowing what it will be like on the other side, and how I will be okay. In regards to your question about whether I would get with him now. I have thought about it and honestly I’m 98% sure the answer is no. I just wish I could take away his pain to make this easier. I wish I had full support of my family , this makes it so difficult.

  7. She’s never done this before, so I don’t know if I should consider it progress or just a facade.

    Just a ploy. You'll forgive her and things will be nice for a while, but she'll slip back.

  8. Which solidifies the fact that he’s doing her a favor, unfortunately, because she didn’t demand marriage she’s not entitled to alimony, but she’ll get child support.

  9. For starters, don't say tranny. It's transphobic.

    Anyways, moving past that. Whether you want to admit it or not, you are 100% in an emotionally abusive and immature relationship. That much is pretty easy to see.

    That being said I'm going to try to give you realistic advice. Please remember I'm in no way saying its easy. But yes you should probably leave him.

    You are young. You both have a lot of growing up to do. He is abusive and by the sounds of it immature. He needs to make changes in order for any long term relationship. The only reason it works on you is because you've been together so long and you mention your dad was also abusive, so it probably seems normal to you. It's not. You've never learned what being in a healthy relationship is. But you seem to understand and are realizing it's not.

    The changes he needs to make are probably not going to happen while you two are together. I'm sorry but they're just probably not. Sometimes people only change when they know they lost you or can lose you. Even then, some people just do not change. This is not something you should try to do with people who are abusive.

    You need to start making an escape plan. You have been with him since you were 15 so don't feel bad about being in this position financially relying on him.

    As for you, you need to learn what a healthy relationship is.

  10. Are you really splitting hair about her being inside a residence uninvited? If a burgler walks into your house because you forgot to lock the door, its your bad? ?‍♀️

  11. Just leave, Cheating is just going to make things worse that shouldn't have to be explained

  12. It’s what a woman would say, easily … in a variety of situations that fall far short of “boil him alive”.

  13. I use water enhancers – I'm not sure what they're called elsewhere. They're sugar free drops you put in your water to flavour it. My weakness is fizz though. I miss the fizz. Sparkling flavoured water scratches the itch.

  14. It’s also worth noting that circumcision, both male and female, has greatly influenced hygiene culture and practices in Nigeria.

  15. My sister and I have the same or similar views on everything. We have things in common, etc. We are just two very introverted people who never connected with one another. She's great, no complaints, but we aren't friends.

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