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Date: September 28, 2022

15 thoughts on “Linda de la Vega live sex cams for YOU!

  1. It's a pretty big red flag and hiding behind the dangers of men does not cut it

    Whether she's interested or not she's seeking attention from others outside of the relationship

    Getting upset over random follows?…sure that's a little insecure, purposefully giving guys their Instagram?…thats seeking it

    I would be curious to see what these guys look like…if they look like dweebs(respectfully) than sure maybe you're right

    If these are attractive men who are also dming and/or liking up all her photos her than yeah she's seeking it out and is hugely inappropriate

    It doesn't just come down to trust, it's not a trust issue it's an attention issue…what is she gaining from these dudes that she doesn't get in the relationship?

    I dont know if you just don't understand the male perspective on this but I would wonder how you eould feel if your bf went on following a bunch if models and liking their pictures?, im not going to assume your viewpoint but I think its safe to say a large amount of woman would not like that

    This is the same feelings but in reverse

  2. He's garbage and you should get whatever belongings you need from his home and block him. Perhaps he'll feel some form of suffering when he can't reach out and beg for you, or worse verbally abuse you.

  3. It’s Reddit, don’t bother trying to explain logic to people. They think a woman can sleep with 1000 guys and still be a loyal wife and mother.

    Bricks. All of them.

  4. Please don't throw the MH card out there, it's insulting to those who do genuinely suffer. Unfortunately your boyfriend is just a dick who didn't think anything of paying for sex and in your home which makes it even worse. You live! there and now it's tainted. If he really suffered social anxiety he would find even that difficult. Don't be fooled. Do yourself a favour and get rid of him. He has no respect for you and will likely do this again when you're next out of town!

  5. I'd point out to him how uncomfortable you were with the offer and that you told him immediately after it happened. I'm sure you didn't do anything to make them think you were interested. I've known women in open marriages, and they are usually extremely forward with other women. Your neighbor probably had a few more glasses of wine and thought it was a great idea.

  6. It isn't even a very good line. Definitely not worth hitting someone over. I bet the guy actually does want to get back inside his mother and that's why he got angry.

  7. I get what your saying. But where is the line drawn in terms of revealing personal information. I have some other things about myself that I would never tell her but would certainly change her perception of me. Everyone withholds information I think, for the sake of others emotions, and to keep their image not too damaged.

  8. Their English wasn't broken, it was abbreviated to an annoying and hard to read degree. Nothing about their comment said “not my first language” at all, it was written like they got charged extra for vowels.

    My apologies, I didn't realize they had a shitty ESL teacher and weren't just lazy with the way they type.

  9. First of all, you don't date people from work.

    His past was super interesting, with time in the army, dealing with addiction, going to jail, then turning his life around. He started going to church, got married, got a degree, and even wrote a book. He got divorce unfortunately and was starting over in my city.

    There is nothing special about this guy. Nothing. If anything, there's a ton of red flags. Maybe you should take some time recalibrating what is acceptable.

  10. Bruh. You think a bunch of her friends in college should just go “borrow money to go and have fun”? That’s the most irresponsible shit I’ve seen here today.

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