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Date: September 25, 2022

21 thoughts on “Linda on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. This reads like self-sabotage, like she's so stressed with her current schedule and feeling really guilty about the possible impact on you that she's convinced you don't want to be with her anymore and is trying to give you an out.

    You should tell her very clearly that you want to continue your current relationship if she does too.

  2. You know it depends on the couple TBF. My husband prior to us getting married had a girlfriend in college he loved but he was a mess dealing with severe childhood trauma and a mental illness. Long story short, they parted ways and he never forgot her. He told me this was his “great” love when we first got together and they were engaged for almost a year, it was almost 15 years prior to us meeting.

    Fast forward almost 7 years into dating him (again, prior to marriage), she reaches out to him on facebook. They start talking and he admits he has unresolved feelings for her, so I let him pursue it. I was seriously thinking about marrying this man and didn't want issues following him into marriage. I told him one of the reasons I was doing this was I felt what we had was strong but if he always had this part of himself wondering “what if…” he wasn't ready for committing to me. I was totally ready and able to leave if he preferred her.

    It was the best thing I could have done as far as our relationship. They started talking and it became really clear after a month or so that she wasn't the idealized version he had in his head. They had grew apart in emotional and intellectual ways. The physical was there (they never got that far, that would have been a deal breaker for me) but everything else? They really didn't like each other. This laid to rest all his “what ifs..” he had about this particular girl/woman at this point. He wasn't the type of person to just sleep with someone he didn't like.

    You have to do what you believe is right and have the strength to lay out boundaries and to step back. You can't control another persons behavior, you should never have to. But being honest and open about things and being prepared to follow through when those boundaries are crossed is important. If he doesn't want to be with you, then you shouldn't be together because that's not whats best for you no matter how you feel.

    I admit in some ways, I'm a lot different in relationships. I take a LONG time to commit, I want to know exactly what I'm getting now (unlike when I was younger). You already have the family and the commitment so your situation is not the same, so do whats best for you.

  3. I would recommend you disengage from thus girlfriend. She wants to date other people period. That will eventually lead to sex with other people and then leave you. You want a commitment don't expect it from her. It's not really there if she is looking for someone else, making time for other people.

  4. It's always really very hot for me to put all the blame on her and to accept she is the adult and should be the one contacting me, because i just really am trying to vy for her affection again i guess, I've been meaning to get into therapy for sure though, no good therapists in the area though bahahha

  5. He didn't have a “hunch” he literally violated her privacy because he thought things were “too good to be true”. He has no leg to stand on here. She has every right to be upset.

    But now that you know OP, you should admit what you did and find out why she has them. Don't play games, don't delete anything in secret. Stop snooping through her things and clear the air. What a mess you made for yourself OP.

  6. I don't think he had really internalised what kind of limits being a parent put on you and now he is basically throwing a tantrum. It feels like he trying to test how much sway he has on you.

  7. Ig i just have become attached to him and whenever i feel like (atleast twice or thrice in a month) that only i am constantly sharing and he is not, i start feeling unwanted and that i don't have place for him like he has for me and that is becoming very hot for me, i want to make things normal. But first how can I stop expecting anything from him to do that

  8. Sexual abuse messes you up. It’s not uncommon for victims to have problems with urinating/deficating at inappropriate times as a trauma response to regain control of their body. OP’s bf definitely needs intense therapy. He’s clearly remorseful and has some thibgs to work through. I’m not downplaying OP, because that’s a horrible thing to experience, but don’t just discredit the bf.

  9. Well… now you know. Maybe instead of denying it, internalize new knowledge. Saying “it's no big deal” makes it seem like you think you are the one to decide what is or isn't a big deal for other people xD you don't make the rules of other ppls feelings lol

  10. So flippant and dismissive.

    Mature adults who are good communicators can easily be caring for each other AND having group sex well into their forties.

    YOU just couldn't handle it.

  11. Two words: break up. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to mess around with other dudes and come home to you. You’re the fall back, the safe guy. Do yourself a favor and move on. Go find a girl who truly loves and respects you!

  12. Honestly after reading her comments she has exactly what she deserves. At this point all of these people should just go their separate ways cuz there's no way this dynamic is going to work out.

  13. Kids are supposed to be brave when the light is off and they have to get up to go to the bathroom, not when their parents try to convince them that everything wrong in life is their fault including SA and death and adultery.

    You never got the chance to be a kid. And it’s never too late to stand up for yourself. You never led them to believe that they could treat you this way. They raised you into becoming their beast of burden. They groomed you from a small small child into believing that this was your role & your responsibility in life- to allow them to have 0 culpability for their own lives & actions & to be able to dump all their problems on you. That’s not your role in life- to be their dumpster. Your role is to grow and love and learn how to be happy, and that’s probably gonna mean them having minimal/no place in your life.

  14. Don’t reach out. Move on. If she reached out willing to give you what you want before, good, if she doesn’t you will be on route of finding someone who will

  15. Way to be an example to your kids. They'll grow up thinking mom walking all over dad and cheating on him (lbr she ain't just going to his work) is normal.

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