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Date: September 25, 2022

14 thoughts on “Lisa-Tease on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Yes, this is an unusual reaction to a spilt drink, imagine if it was something more serious. Would he hit you?

  2. O of course, there are definitely better ways to tell someone it’s done and we can only hope it was done in a decent way.

  3. He's not skipping the funeral. He's not canceling plans before the funeral because his wife's family are in town just in case they need him for something

    This is an unreasonable thing to expect from anybody.

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  5. Alpha enough? Please leave her alone. Calling people “Chads”, reducing people to alpha vs. beta, clearly not understanding what building a relationship looks like without sex. You're way too immature to be dating anyone. Don't waste her time.

  6. It’s more important to get a ring that she’ll be comfortable wearing every day. One that you guys won’t panic if it gets lost, or scratched up or the gem falls out.

    You’ve also got loads of other things coming up to budget for, like house, wedding, kids, car, further education(if you want all/some of those things). Next to these things, the ring is not all that important.

    Also bear in mind there will be other opportunities for you to buy her rings, like anniversaries, birthdays, christmases. If you guys find yourselves with spare money in the future, it won’t be too late to buy that expensive, fancy ring at that point.

  7. I don't mean disappear. You can still block him and act unaffected. Indifference when face to face means no emotion. I compare it to working front of house at h&m.

    He walks in and you greet, “hello, welcome to h&m” and forget he exists the minute he's walked past you.

    That is what stings.

  8. I feel like your answers reflect a desire to choose the career path for now. I'm not saying this is what you should do, but it does seem that you lean towards that. Plus, if he really cares, he'll wait until he either doesn't have to wait anymore or you tell him to stop waiting.

  9. I forgot to add that he's American and living in Taiwan (I'm Taiwanese) so all his friends are back in America, so that's why I never met them.

    This only adds to the fetishization imo. And even if you are in different countries he obviously doesn't see you long term otherwise he would want to introduce you to his friends.

    Just planning how to say it lol

    Personally, I would go point by point. How he disrespected you, is a man-child and not even close to mature enough to get a gf. But that is me, you know what's best for you!

  10. But we genuinely love each other, and she has treated me for the first time as a human person with feelings.

    She literally started a fight and triggered your PTSD because you didn't know her mother's phone number. Does that sound like someone who genuinely loves you?

    Her family doesn't like you anymore. What does the future look like in a relationship where her family doesn't like you?

  11. I’ve felt like this isn’t healthy but he’s so adamant I’m wrong i don’t know what to think anymore.

    This is gaslighting. You are a grown woman and don't need his permission to have alone time. He doesn't get to dictate that the only alone time you're allowed to want to have is while you're driving to work.

    What he's doing is emotional abuse and very controlling. You are not going to be able to get him to stop this. Ever. In fact, as you have described above, it's only getting worse and worse and worse. The only solution is to either kick him out or accept you will be stuck living this way for the rest of your life.

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