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Date: September 28, 2022

7 thoughts on “LisaHoffman on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Every instance I’m aware of someone doing this ends up with them making less money and being single… a bad combo.

  2. She was cheating before the alleged assault happened. If you dump her, she’ll probably start dating her “assailant”. I would let her go.

  3. Stop saying what you want so early. Predators and narcissists will just match your energy. Open up but see if they can too. What do they want? And what does that look like? And yea, stop w predators I know the outside validation is nice but those are people who use you. It's fake. Gross. Not genuine

  4. My mother didn’t have her own funds when she and my dad divorced. She suffered for it, and she taught me to always have a separate savings with at least $5000 in it. That way if anything changes and I’m not safe I have a way to get myself into a safer situation. I trust my husband completely but I still have separate funds. We have joint bills, savings, retirement fund, etc. and then we each have a checking and savings account of our own. We contribute their same percentage of our income to each account and what’s left over is up to us.

    When my dad and my moms relationship changed, they already had 4 kids. They met when they were teenagers and my grandfather died when I was 3, my mom was 37 and my dad was 36. Losing his father changed my father, he became abusive. Things can change people over time. Me having money set aside in case of emergency doesn’t mean I don’t trust my husband or I’m not all in, we’re both committed to making our marriage work. But the world can change things for any of us.

  5. I agree I prefer smaller sized men. I dated a guy in college with a massive dick but I ended it because sex was not enjoyable at all. Although this guy is big he knows how to use it…. I’m not with him because of his size… I most enjoy how caring he is… there are some parts of my post that’s lacking his positive side

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