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  1. Move and leave. Your kids are watching this and being traumatized. She will get to them at some point. Protect your kids and yourself.

  2. We haven't got round to putting a memory card in the camera yet, so it's just live! footage. I wish I'd screenshotted or something but adrenaline was stopping me thinking straight.

  3. Use Oral sex to stimulate her to orgasm. In the meantime get therapy from a sexual therapist to teach you how to control your ejaculation. The oral stimulation can cause her to have multiple orgasms and you’d be amazed at how many people don’t realize that most women don’t orgasm through their vagina. They orgasm through stimulation of their Clitoris. I have found that a woman who gets multiple orgasms tend to be a lot more patient with penile problems.

  4. If you respond you are breaking the restraining order and your bf will pay the consequences.

    I had a restraining order on my ex for violence. His friend sent me an email of how easy it was to track a person by their cell phone.

    I called the cops. He got dragged in front of the judge. He said he didn’t know the friend contacted me. The judge told him the restraining order said that he or anyone he knew couldn’t contact me in any way. He should have let his friends and family know that. My order got extended another year beyond the original end date and he spent 5 days in jail.

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